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Monday 9 March 2009

Weekend Woes

Ah Monday! The sun is shining, there's birdsong in the air, and what is left of the snow and ice is melting. All this should make me feel energized and alive but instead I'm dragging my ass today.

This weekend was rough to say the least. I had a huge blow-up with my sister... a fight so huge, it will forever change my relationship with her. Today my emotions are still very raw, I'm feeling hurt and betrayed and terribly drained. I thought I'd be able write about what happened but I am still way too emotional, and can't even think straight. Maybe tomorrow or later in the week...

Hope your weekend went a little better then mine.
Happy Monday!

{Image from FFFFOUND}
I think I will get a print of this done up to hang in the foyer. What a great reminder when you enter the house and when you exit.


cheatymoon said...

Jack, I am so sorry about your weekend. Family blowups are the worst.

A lot of people seem to be having a tough time lately. Hang in there.

(My sister has that print at her entry way - I think it was for sale at Urban Outfitters a while back).

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Thanks for your words of comfort. I feel for you in your situation... been there. Love my family, but there's always issues, you know? =(
Btw, figured out what serious problems I'm having with my MIL, so family stuff all around.
Thinking of you.

Amber said...

Aww, sorry to hear you had an awful run in with your sister. I hope you can sort yourself out and carry on. *hugs*

Jack said...

Thank you guys for you kind words -- I really needed the encouragement today :)

Terri said...

So sorry about the blowup. Sisters can be the best and the worst, eh? I hope you can heal the rift and if not heal your own special self.


Shadow said...

oh dear, hope things calm down soon, dear jack!

Jack said...

Awww, you guys are so kind -- appreciate it!

I have made my apologies for my part in the argument... just waiting for sis to do the same. So far, nothing *sigh*

Lee said...

HOW did I miss this post, of all posts! Not only are you in my reader, you come to my e-mail!

I'm so sorry to read bout your miserable blow up. One of my four sisters and I have a terrible relationship - a rift which will never be repaired. I don't wish that on anyone. I hope you can move on.