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Monday, 28 February 2011

New Baby & Rainy Weekens

Friday evening there was a cold winter rain falling outside, composing a syncopated rhythm as it dripped silver from the wet, naked trees. I shrived involuntarily as I ran to the car; heading out to retrieve dinner for the family... pizza. We all eat dinner together then everyone slips away one by one to do their own thing; I am left to my own devices.  I curl up in the big chair with my laptop - my sanctuary.

Saturday we went into the hospital with a bag of goodies for my new baby niece, Morgan. Mommy and baby weren't in the room so we left them behind the goodies and headed out for dinner with Kensey. I was a little bummed, I really want to cuddle baby Morgan! Monday I think we shall visit them for sure :)

Sunday we spent the day inside the house just puttering about cleaning and doing odds and ends. Mostly I sat curled up in my big chair day-dreaming of a summer afternoon lazing on a sandy beach, listening to the waves crash, tasting the salty air...

This week I vow to only focus on the good, positive things in life... I wonder how that will go?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Tell me a little about it :)
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Friday, 11 February 2011

Photoshop brushes by moi

As promised, I am adding some of my Photoshop Brushes for you to download for your own personal use. Some of the brush sets are just spin-offs from the digital collage work I have shown on here before and some are new.

If you use any of them, I would like you to send me a link so I can admire your work and post it on the blog.
Find Your Wings {Download}

In Life {Download}
These Days {Coming Soon!}
In Your Eyes{Download}
More To Life{Download , Download II}

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Thursday, 10 February 2011


I have been neglecting this place as of late, I know. I have been busy keeping my daughter company and comfortable while she is going through a difficult medication change... Some days are diamonds and some are rocks. The door is sometimes open and sometimes blocked, but I'm learning not to take thing personally at this time of change and have been just going with the flow and offering comfort and support when needed.

I wish I could post in more detail about what is going on with The Girl right now, but at this point in time she isn't ready to share certain aspects of her personal life with all who visit my little corner of blogland; perhaps when she is feeling better she will allow it. I truly believe that talking about her personal experiences with mental health could help others who may be going through something similar or know of someone who is.

I would like to thank you all for you kind words of encouragement you leave behind either in my inbox or in the comment area. I am always amazed at the kindness you readers show -I feel so very lucky. Thank you!


On my down time here at home, I have been finding being creative has been a helpful refuge for me. I've been creating a lot of collage work and making some Photoshop brushes that I hope to share on here tomorrow. Check back if your a Photoshop user, there just might be something in my brushes you might find interesting enough to download and use on your own art collages.

{here is a sneak peek}

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