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Monday 27 September 2010

Instant Gratification

Thanks to a good friend
I was gifted this new addition to my growing camera collection. 

I'm looking forward getting my film in the mail next week 
so I can start experimenting with this beauty.

Tips and tricks for taking great Polaroids are welcome :)

Friday 24 September 2010

A personal journey

When we are born, we are pure to the world. We are innocent. We grow older, and for a few years we retain the semblance of sweetness. Then life becomes complicated-- We start to learn about lies, deceit, hatred and anger. We learn to feel sorrow, rage, anxiety, and fear. At what point did our life become so complex?

Somewhere along the way I learned the very bad habit of living unconsciously.  Living without passion, without purpose, off in lala land, stuck in a routine, afraid to look back afraid to look ahead. I didn't take the time to stop and see all the greatness that surrounded me; I didn't see all the good right in front of my face. Sometimes we don’t appreciate all those little things in life that add up to so much.

For a long time I lived in a dark hole with a dark cloud looming over me.  It took extreme measures to “snap” me out of it (thanks to hubby). I needed a change; a change of season.  And when I started to feel better and I crawled out of the hole, I realized the "real me" had been missing for quite some time.  Thank goodness the sun came out after lots of reflection...

It's good to be back!