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Thursday 29 October 2009

Kokology - Deep in the Mountains

Are you ready to play KOKOLOGY?

What is Kokology?
  • Say the first thing that pops into your head 
  • Don ’t try to predict answers 
  • Be honest with yourself 
  • Be prepared 
  • Keep an open mind 

{pg. 32}The mountains and the sea—nature has a power that draws us to her. After all we are all nature’s children, born into her world and fed on her bounty. No matter what marvels technology may develop, getting back to nature lets us feel truly alive. Medical science may make advances, but the best medicine will always be nature’s own healing power.

Your next journey will take you back to that green world, and what better setting for you to rediscover your natural self?

1. You have set off to climb a mountain, in search of a fabulously rare stone. What is your impression of the mountain as you stand at its foot?

2. After a hard search, you still haven’t found the stone, and now the sun has fallen. What will you do next?

3. You have finally discovered the stone you were seeking. What kind of stone is it? Describe its size, weight, and value.

4. Now it is time to come down from the mountain and return home. What parting words do you have for the mountain, and what is its reply?

You can leave a comment with your answers or keep them to yourself  - it's up to you.

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Shadow said...

other than the mountain, which i saw as majestic and unattainable, as i saw my father (imposing yet never there), the rest didn't work out real well...

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Despite appearances to the contrary, things are not that bad, according to what I saw here today.
Peace and joy to you. =)

LarryG said...

An amazing search ensued on this mountain, accessible yet complex and fascinating.
Camping over to continue to the search, staying with the mountain until all is accomplished. Conquest is not the reason for presence so much as the wonder of the search itself.

The emerald I found was very valuable yet, in its natural state still required work to bring out the great value locked within the stone. The weight is several ounces but the cut and finish is yet to be done. Value according to the completed work could vary.

I came to the mountain for the treasure within and without, and because I have passed I have found some things out about me. This mountain will echo with the joy of my journey, and perhaps that resonance will encourage others.

Jack said...

My Answers:
1. I'm a little apprehensive standing at the foot of the great mountain but I'm determined to conquer my fear of heights and look at it as a challenge.

(I don't fear my father but he can certainly be a challenge at times)

2. I'm tired after the long search so I find a small cavern that I take shelter in for the night. It will keep me warm and safe in here.

(This one didn't fit with my personality. Well, except for the "late bloomer")

3. The stone I was searching was a small heart shaped golden topaz that shimmers like the sun, it appears to be warm to the touch even on this cold mountain top. The topaz has little monetary worth but is very special to me because it is my birthstone. I will treasure it always.

(I like how this answer turned out)

4. I thank the mountain for not failing me. The mountain says "your welcome", "happy your found what you were looking for".

(awwww, I love my dad)

Pseudo said...

1. Majestic and green with rock out croppings...
2. Camp out and continue in the morning.
3. A mutilcolored crystal that is as big as a baseball and has magical powers ( I like how this one turned out).
4."Thank-you" and "go in peace."

fun stuff before work Jack.

InventingLiz said...

The mountain was large and imposing, but I was determined not to let it get the best of me.

I camped out overnight on the mountain and resumed the search in the morning.

My stone was large, heavy, and green, but I had no idea how much it was worth.

I said to the mountain "you were a worthy opponent, but I got the best of you." I missed the part in the instructions where the mountain is supposed to reply.

This is disturbingly accurate...

kayerj said...

1. Oh my, I have chronic pain in my feet and poor balance. I find mountains of any size daunting.

2. sit down and rest my feet

3. a deep, brilliantly blue Sapphire. I'm not very familiar with gem size, but it's big enough to see!

4. Me, "I'm done with you". Mountain, "And I with you".

I like your new link button :)

Ech0ec0 said...

My attempt to find answers:

1. Majestic and overwhelming - but not unattainable!

2. Camp until daylight to continue the search.

3. Green, similar to olivine, small enough to hold in the palm of your hand and carry anywhere. Its value cannot be appreciated by all.

4. Thank you mountain for letting me visit. I hope to visit again.

Its reply: Please come again, I enjoy the company of gentle souls.

What a great exercise. That was fun. Thank you very much!

Gal Friday said...

So happy to see you are back with the Kokology!!(and I like the elegant new page design here with the grey patterned background)

My answers:
1.The mountain is not too imposing and medium sized and I think I can make it up to the top alright by myself and I feel pretty confident about the task.(this was interesting--I used to be afraid and angry at my father and gave him too much power over me--now things are on a more even footing and I feel better about our relationship)

2.Set up a little camp(of course, I have thought to bring a back pack and mummy tent and some chocolate)in a sheltered spot and sleep thoriugh the night and then start out early the next morning to continue looking.

3.It's oval shaped and fits perfectly into my two hands--green like jade with sparkly bits inside that have a beautiful luminosity. I think it *might* be of value but know right away this stone is for me only and would never think of selling it anyway. The value of this stone is the fact that I accomplished the task and found this stone on my own.

4.Parting words? Hmmmm...."Thanks Nature, for being gentle with me this time, and letting me stay here and take this beautiful stone away from this mountain. I'll always look back on this solo adventure with good feelings.

Mountain's words? None--just an unspoken message I can feel that I was accepted.

cheatymoon said...

1. Majestic all rocky... sorta challenging (not really like my dad)
2. First I wanted to camp out, then I decided to go home and come back the next day...
3. Grey and shiny, with special properties and very very rare (ha!)
4. I said "Thank you", Mountain said "Be safe". Interesting...

This was a very interesting one, Jack. Thanks so much for posting it!

Amber said...

1. My thoughts are that it looks like it may take all day to get to the top, but it should provide some great views.
2. Set up camp, and enjoy a perfect evening under the stars.
3. It's a wonderfully rose hued large shaped quartz that is smooth and slightly translucent.
4. Well that was a lot of fun, can't wait to do it again.

It never occurred to me to place a value on the stone I was looking for, but the one I chose has some special significance to me. As for saying everything I've wanted to that special father figure, I've said it plenty during my time away from home though various letters and such.
Gives me a warm feeling inside, in any event.