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Tuesday 4 January 2011

This Is Not a Resolution

  • have more family gatherings
  • start a new hobby or get back into an old hobby
  • arrange more girly-girl things with my two daughters
  • take a special trip just hubby and me
  • make some changes in the blog
  • start a p/t job and make some "fun" money
  • challenge myself to step outside my box
  • make my home more enviro-friendly
  • make healthier food choices
  • read more books
What are some things you would like to accomplish in 2011?
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kayerj said...

You picked some lovely things to do this year. My only plan is to pay off a wedding so we can get back to the remodel. I'm dying to get my family room finished.

kayerj said...

I visited your 365 but I don't have a flicker account so I couldn't comment. I'll check in on it once in awhile. Have fun.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Great ideas! But... haven't you already accomplished some of these? LOL!

cheatymoon said...

Love your list. I would like to have time to start/continue a hobby.

Shadow said...

these are simply great!

Gal Friday said...

I would like to make more time to paint/draw. Over the New Year's Day weekend, I re-did my "studio" room(really just the home office where our computer desk and my art table is)with some help from the husband. The newly re-decorated space is inspiring...