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Thursday 24 September 2009

C'est la vie!

Hello friends. How was your week? Hope it was wonderful.
It's been pretty quiet around here at Slightly Off-Center headquarters these days. Life has been a tad unpredictable for me as of late and I'm finding it difficult to keep up with my little spot here in cyberspace. So, after some careful thought and consideration, I have come to the decision to give my blog a little rest. Oh, I'm not giving it up completely, just putting it to bed for the time being - there are some matters that I need to give my full attention. I need some time to gather my thoughts, reflect, and spend time enjoying my beautiful family. I hope to be back soon, and possibly be able to share some of life's happenings with you all when the time is right.

Thank you all for your support and devotion to Slightly Off-Center, and for your welcome, heartfelt comments, email and messages - you know, they do truly make me smile :)

Sending love, luck and happiness your way,

Friday 18 September 2009

Thursday 17 September 2009

Kokology - A Glazed Expression

It's Thursday and you know what the means? Yup, you guessed it! Time to play a little game of Kokology. If this is your fist time playing along, you can click here for the introduction to the game.

Ready to play?

{Book 2, pg. 23}Arts and craft class is almost a right of passage in our society, a grueling test of the human spirit in which young initiates strive to force rubber cement, pipe cleaners, modeling clay, and papier-mache to bend to their will. And few of us can claim to have managed to avoid the experience of creating an object--be it ceramic mask, napkin holder, or the obligatory ashtray--only to be confronted by and empty expanse demanding that you do something, anything, to decorate it.

A plain white coffee mug of your own design sits ready for the kiln and is staring at you in blank anticipation. You have chosen to use blue glaze; now, if only you could decide on the pattern....

Which of the following patterns do you paint in blue on the mug?

1. Stripes.
2. Polka Dots.
3. Checks.
4. Wavy lines.

*Reading this in Google Reader? Answer the questions before you continue to scroll to see the Key to "A Glazed Expression".

»Key to "A Glazed Expression"«

Sunday 13 September 2009

This Weekend I

...turned down a shopping trip to New York. (I may end up regretting this)
...had fun shopping for fresh, local produce.
...was surprised by hubby with a new laptop. (awww! Such a thoughtful guy my hubby)
...installed some shelving in the home office.
...enjoyed a relaxing couple days with my beautiful family.
What did you do over the weekend?

Thursday 10 September 2009

Kokology - Where The Sky Meets The Sea

Haven't posted one of these for a while...
Who's up for a game of Kokology?

Read the following scenario and chose your answer from the list below. You may leave a comment with your answer or keep it to yourself , it's up to you.

(Book 2/pg. 61) There are breathtaking mountain vistas, sweeping metropolitan skylines, rugged tracts of forest that stretch as far as the eye can see, and gentle country landscapes dotted with fields and farms, but of all the scenic views in the world, none can stir the imagination and calm the soul like the unbroken line where the sky meets the sea. That blue horizon is a vast space inviting the mind to relax and unwind, to soar above and dive within, to dream...

You are staying at a resort hotel with ocean view. Lying on your bed, you gaze out a huge bay window across the cool blue waters, and lulled by the scene, you drift off to sleep. Which of the following view greets you when you awake?

1. A bright midday sun burning over the sea.
2. The dark ocean sleeping beneath a starry night sky.
3. A cool mist rolling in over the waters.
4. The sun just beginning to sink beneath the horizon at dusk.

*Reading this in Google Reader? Answer the questions before you continue to scroll to see the Key to "Where The Sky Meets The Sea".
»Key to "Where The Sky Meets The Sea"«

Side note:
Just the other night hubby and I went down to a favourite look-off spot where we often go for some quiet contemplation. As we were driving away I mentioned how lucky we were to live so close to such beauty. I could never imagine living in a place where I wasn't a moment's walk or drive away from the ocean.

What is something in your part of the world that you could not imagine living near?

Wednesday 9 September 2009

DIY Jar Labels

I'm still looking for ways to personalize the new pad, so this week I came up with this idea to design and print labels for jars that I purchased for my bathroom cabinet. They remind me of the jars I remember seeing in the pharmacy and doctor office when I was a wee girl.

I loved them so much that I want to share them with you. I have included these labels and a blank template for you to download and use on your own jars.

Download and print labels onto card stock -I used a metallic white cardstock. Cut and past ( I used double sided craft tape) onto glass jars or decorative bottles or vases. Jars and glossy cardstock are from Michaels craft store.
Download Bath Apothecary Labels
Download the Blank Label template

Thursday 3 September 2009

Here are some photos of the new house - still a work in progress.

{front entrance}

{living room/sitting room}


{baby girl's room}

We are still in the process of adding some personal touches to each room. More photos to come.

Wednesday 2 September 2009

September Melancholy

picture of a pumpkin

I could feel it and smell it in the air this morning as I stepped outside to see my youngest daughter off for her first day back to school. A few red and yellow leaves that skipped across my feet and the air had that distinct - change of season - scent, a reminder that fall is just around the corner. Yup, summer is drawing to a close and it will be soon time to start making plans for autumn, packing away the summer T-s, short pants and flip flops to make way for warm sweaters, fleece hoodies and jeans - as Don says... "I feel it in the air, the summers out of reach..." ( "Boys of Summer" -Don Henley).

September is a time for fresh starts. The start of a new season, a new school year, back to work, back to schedules and routine back to blogging. Today is my first post in over a month. I have been enjoying getting settled into our new house - lots to do still but I have decided I am no longer going to obsess over the little details and focus on a room at a time. It's unbelievable how much stuff we had squirreled away that we really didn't need. So instead of having a yard sale, we decided to donate all the furniture, clothing and house hold items to charity, and I am still sorting through boxes of stuff... one day at a time.

Thank you for all your good wishes during our move :)
It's great to be back!