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Wednesday 9 September 2009

DIY Jar Labels

I'm still looking for ways to personalize the new pad, so this week I came up with this idea to design and print labels for jars that I purchased for my bathroom cabinet. They remind me of the jars I remember seeing in the pharmacy and doctor office when I was a wee girl.

I loved them so much that I want to share them with you. I have included these labels and a blank template for you to download and use on your own jars.

Download and print labels onto card stock -I used a metallic white cardstock. Cut and past ( I used double sided craft tape) onto glass jars or decorative bottles or vases. Jars and glossy cardstock are from Michaels craft store.
Download Bath Apothecary Labels
Download the Blank Label template


cheatymoon said...


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Love that idea! =)

kayerj said...

I love it, how creative you are.

Shadow said...

those labels are KEEPERS!!

Anonymous said...

These labels are just beautiful! i just tried to download them to make my own set and it does not seem to work, is there any way i can get a copy?

Jack said...

To Anonymous:

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will be adding new links to PDF files asap. In the mean time, if you would like to send me an email with your email address, I can send you a copy that way.

Jack said...


Links are now working.
Thanks for stopping!


Stefanie said...

I just found these through google and I know this is an older post but would you happen to remember what font you used for these? I love them! Thank you!