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Friday 3 December 2010

Technology & Miracles

{Screen shot I took from SIL session}

Last night I got to log on to view my SIL's ultrasound session for baby #2.  It blows my mind how advanced technology has gotten since I had my kids.  I wasn't even allowed to have hubby in the room with me when I had an ultrasound for my first two kids.

Last night we were able to watch and listen to everything going on, and if we wanted, we could interact via web cam or chat with the other people logged on as guests.  Too cool!

SIL's last baby was born three years ago and hubby and myself with the aid of my dad, made baby Ella a cradle.  We dressed it with the cutest bedding and the cuddliest blankets - it looked amazing!

 {see post:  The Cradle Will Rock 2}

I am looking for something equally nice to give to SIL and baby #2, but I am having a hard time coming up with ideas.  Maybe you have some?  If you have any ideas for a gift for my new Niece, leave a message with your idea.  We have until mid February to come up with something; who knows, there may be a little surprise gift for the person with the best suggestion.
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kayerj said...

the technology is amazing--and I'm not sure you can top that cradle, that's pretty awesome.

Crystal said...

That cradle is breathtaking- what a perfect compliment to it's contents. I honestly can't think of anything better, but maybe a baby sized quilt? In the carpentry area I could only think of a toy chest or really ornate mobile.

Good luck and please let us know when you decide, I'm sure it will be lovely. Keep us up on cake decorating, too! That's a skill I desperately want to acquire when my kids are still young enough to appreciate birthday cakes.

cheatymoon said...

Do you crochet? Maybe a nice afghan. the only other thing I can think of is creating one of your amazing photo collages for the nursery and then having it professionally framed.