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Monday 24 January 2011

Around My City -
Creative Graffiti

Downtown Halifax business are getting tired of paying for repairs of buildings being hit by vandalism by graffiti.  Some have decided to hire urban artists to do a graffiti mural on the building hoping it will stop other graffiti artists from painting over the work of the other artist.

This scene was painted the length of the back of a building on Barrington Street in Halifax South End.  I noticed it while going the the neighbouring Tim Hortons Drive-thru.

Click here to see the entire photo of the graffiti artwork.
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Shadow said...

this is cool. i love this kind of 'graffiti'

kayerj said...

I hope it works--there is a certain artistic flair with graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool... I think we have some legal walls in our city as well.

Hope all is well up there. xo