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Friday 13 April 2012


Fell asleep with the tv on last night.(Anderson Cooper is on television. "... seems pretentious to me, but it is interesting to see if other people use them or not").  Woke up about 4 am to (..."Imagine never having to pay a dime for someone to wax your bikini line or facial hair") BaHaHaHa!  It's an infomercial about a devise that they claim removes "embarrassing facial hair" in one easy step. I watch and listen to Kassie's soothing voice and her over the top hand gestures try to make me believe this product really does work.  I wonder how many people are waking up at 4 am and calling to order their very own "NO! NO!".

That was followed by another infomercial about some "new" weight loss drop (i think). They kept emphasizing the "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don’t Want You to Know About"... Who are "they" and why don't "they" want people to know about it???  This guy claims it is a cure for a whole host of conditions, ranging from cancer, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome to obesity... Hey this is no ordinary weight loss solution...the "CURE" was developed by a British Endocrinologist in the 1950.  This infomercial guy then goes on the explain why "THEY" don't want "US" to know about it.  Apparently the drug companies want to keep us fat so they can make money off the problems which are suffered from being obese.  PLEASE!  Do people really fall for this bull shit?!  And if so...

Ice-Cubes made from Eastcoast sea water, amazing healing powers.  

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