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Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #84

Here we go:

1. You know you're old when you have a daughter old enough fly away from the nest.

2. My heart is divided between being sad about my little girl leaving home and excitement about her new independence .

3. A hug is what I need RIGHT NOW!

4. I have felt the agony of defeat, I have known the depths of despair.

5. Gah, won't these people get a clue.

6. Come home as soon as you can!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sifting though decorating mags and blogs with my daughter, tomorrow my plans include a BBQ with the family and Sunday, I want to go on a treasure hunt!

*Hope you all have a fun & beautiful weekend!*


Shadow said...

i echo your no. 6. have a fabulous weekend too!!!!

LarryG said...

my oldest "flying" over to her apt (first one - dorm last year) 65 miles away to put the finishing touches on moving in today. Her boyfriend is assisting her.

Go get that hug Jack!

You want them to know they can always come home, but on the other hand, you always want that to be planned.

A treasure hunt sounds fun... I wanna hear more about that.

Good wishes greet thee,
Good fortune meet thee,
and Happiness crown thy lot...

TopHat said...

I agree, the treasure hunt sounds like great fun. It makes me want to go Geocachin...

Madeleine said...

I hear 3 have all left the nest and with each it was a sad time (which I did not show them)

Have a lot of fun on the treasure hunt

Susan said...

Every time my kids(26 & 22) come home visit, and leave again I have a empiness in my heart, it only lasts awhile until I get back into my routine. I guess a mom never gets over that. But I do love my 40 somthing life with my husband.

Busy Mom in Iowa said...

A treasure hunt sounds like fun!!

Shadow said...

lemme soothe your enquiring mind... the riddle? the answer is 'no' as in answer to the last line 'can you guess the riddle?'. there is no answer... apparently, 97% of harvard graduates got this wrong. 84% of pre-school kids got it right!!!!

have a fab weekend!

Janet said...

At least it's fun helping her decorate! Thanks for playing, hope you had fun over the weekend!