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Monday, 11 August 2008

Photo Weekend Update

1. Uncle tells ghost stories to by the fire, and to add to the ambiance of the blood chilling tales, we had a few bats flying around the fire - Annual family BBQ at my house.

2. Two great finds at Taz - Knock 'Em Dead Kid (Trooper) and Frampton Comes Alive (Peter Frampton).
3. A quick peek at the goodies at The Black Market Boutique on Grafton St.
4. Over to Spring Garden for a scoop of hot fries and a chat with Sir Winston Churchill.
5. An encounter with a furry friend at Point Pleasant Park.

6. Old photo of me, Hubby and Priss, 16 years ago - Found at my mother-in-laws while hunting for old pictures of her for a surprise project I'm working on. (Hope she doesn't read my blog)

1 comment:

Shadow said...

what stunning photo's you take... that building looks so very interesting, and i just love squirrels (maybe because there are so few here where i live) and would you believe, we too have that frampton album and now cd.