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Thursday 26 March 2009

Kokology - Into the Depths

{Introduction to the game}
(pg. 63) Every adventure involves an element of danger—it’s the danger that makes adventures so exciting and hard to resist. People willingly spend good money to experience that same thrill without the physical risk. It’s this fact of human nature that keeps haunted house attractions and sky-diving schools in business. The impulse to face risks is in us all. Indeed, the fascination with danger can prove to be such a powerful lure that some people will gamble with their own lives to confront a mystery or explore a new world. We’ve all watched as the unwitting hero of a horror movie is about to walk through a darkened doorway and wanted to yell, “Don’t go in there! Are you crazy?” But what would you do if it were you?

Our next scenario leads us into the dark world, where the line between simple thrills and actual fear is blurred…

Jot down your answers to the following question:

1. You are in an old, abandoned building where no human has set foot for years and have discovered a staircase leading underground. Slowly you make your way down, counting the steps as you go. One step… two… three… How many steps is it to the bottom of the stairs?

2. The underground room is pitch black. Then, from the darkness you hear the sound of another person. Is the person weeping softly? Moaning wordlessly? Is it a voice speaking to you?

3. How do you react on hearing the sound of this other person? Do you try to search out the source? Is your first instinct to run up the stairs without looking back? Or are you paralyzed with fear and frozen where you stand?

4. You hear a person now calling your name and see a figure descending from the light at the top of the stairs. Who is this person coming down the stairs?
Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; you can share your answers by leaving a comment.

My Answers:

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cheatymoon said...

Oh, that is sooo cool, Jack. But I had 52 steps. My first thought was that a lot of steps would be really fun, but the answer is a bit different than fun.
I heard a voice, and Other Half was coming down the stairs (of course!)
Thanks for putting this up again this week.
Also - I put up a new post in my other place - does it show up in reader? I'm not sure how to make it show up... any tips?

Shadow said...

oh my word, i had 99 stairs, heard speaking, searched for the person, and couldn't identify the person coming down the stairs....

oh this is so super cool!

Jack said...

I was thinking of the passage way that is in the photo when I wrote my answers, didn't remember the number of steps but knew it wasn't a lot. Plus I was thinking... if there is something horrible at the bottom of the stairs, I would want to get back up pretty fast so 12 seemed like a good number.

This one was pretty dead on for me... “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” - something I say all the time.

Lee said...

I love these exercises! Thanks, again :)

I had 14 steps, I heard a voice, I searched and it was a toss up between my kids calling me and silence!

I'm with you: what doesn't kill you ...

InventingLiz said...

Once again, the answers really ring true for me! I went down twelve steps, heard a voice calling for help, responded by talking back ("who's there, what do you need, what's wrong?"), and I saw my parents at the top of the stairs.

Pseudo said...

23 steps

Off to see the key.

Pseudo said...

Very cool and interesting. Nothing about the breathing I heard though...

Amber said...

I counted 13 steps (it was either that or 21, something about uneven stairs, and I count ALL stairs I climb or descend BTW)
I heard moaning Wordlessly, I was paralyzed with Fear, and I saw my Mr :o)
Yup, I'd say it's pretty much a dead ringer for me as well.

Anonymous said...

Voice speaking to me
My dad

Unknown said...

18 steps
A person speaking softly
Try to search the source
My biological mom

Unknown said...

19 steps
A person weeping softly
Try to search the source
Biological mom

Anonymous said...

try search source