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Thursday 26 March 2009

Zombies, Shmombies!

I have concocted a special anti-zombie spray.
Upon contact, zombies immediately develop the following symptoms:

* intense pain
* profuse sweating
* confusion
* loss of consciousness
* violent convulsions
* and, finally...Re-Death

Contact me to Order Yours Today!
And if you call within the next hour, I will include a bonus 12 oz bottle of Vampire Repellent Spray.


Amber said...

Oooh, Vampire Repellent Spray, is it permanent or is it temporary?

Jack said...

Temporary of course. How would I make any money off the stuff if it were a permanent repellent? lol

Pyzahn said...

What have you got for rabbits? They are devouring my garden.

Jack said...

Pyzahn, have you tried sprinkling vinegar, hot pepper flakes or chile spay in and around your garden?

Shadow said...

ooooh, zombies, now there's a new market...