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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kokology - Sweet Memories

{Introduction to the game}

(Pg. 42) What is it about reminiscences of childhood that stir the heart so deeply and make us long to turn back the clock? Is is that sense of returning to innocence or just the pleasure of feeling young again? Those were the days when every toy, doll, and game was a special kind of treasure. The collector’s mania for antiques and memorabilia has its roots in these childhood fascinations and the desire to relive the past, if only for a short while.

Our next encounter will take us back to that simpler time, to a little candy shop down the street. Perhaps you’ll find your younger self among the goods in stock.

1. Inside the candy store, you find rows and rows of the old familiar candies, chocolate bars, chewing gum, and sweets from your youth. Some are stacked in organized shelves, some are loose in baskets and jars. What candy do you pick first, and why did you choose it?

2. While you’re wandering the store making selections, you notice that outside a group of children look as though they’re getting ready to enter the store. How many children actually come in?

3. You make your purchases and go home with a bag of candy. But when you open the bag, you see that the shopkeeper has added some free extra candies as a special treat for you. How many did you get?

4. You’ve been thinking about giving the candy you bought as a gift to someone. To whom, if anyone, would you give it?

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. If you choose to share your answers, you may leave a comment or you can keep your answer to yourself. Now lets see what this one reveals!

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My Answers:

  1. The first candy I picked was one of my favorites from 80's called Black Bart Bubble Gum. It had a surgery licorice flavor and only cost ¢5.
  2. There were five children who entered the store.
  3. I got 13 extra candies.
  4. I split my bag of candies into three smaller bags and gave one each to my kids.

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kayerj said...

1. Our store was located in the only gas station in town. The owner had a section located on the bottom two shelves filled with penny candy. He'd give me a brown paper bag and I'd select as many peices as I had pennies.
2. All of them, because if you walked or rode your bike to the station, your intent was to come in.
3. Oh maybe, 3 or 4
4. I'd share them with my sisters. they were the ones that usually went with me. We would sit under the train trestle with our bags, eating candy, waiting for the train to come. The dirt would shake down on us and the world felt like it was falling apart, but it made us giggle. I remember putting pennies on the tracks and collecting them after they were flattened.

Jack said...

Kaye, we lived near the train tracks when I was just a wee gal, and I remember putting pennies on the tracks too.

This Kokology exercise made me reminisce about the past. Thanks for sharing :)

InventingLiz said...

Whoa, this one was spot-on for me! I chose a candy associated with family vacations when I was a kid, only one kid came into the store (but I had a hard time picturing even that one coming in), I got two free treats, and I didn't give candy to anyone...and I am really struggling with being overly independent and solitary lately!

LarryG said...

1. Green Speckled Sour Apple Bubble Gum is my first selection.
But I don't stop there :)
I get some grape, cinnamon, and the yellow one. It was all about bubble gum back then. It was round with a sugary hard shell and the gum inside had a hollow core.

2. There are 7 of us in the store at once, which is a big crowd, the store is only a cracker box.

3. I got 11 extras along with my purchases! Chic-o-stix, sweet and sour rolls and more.

4. All this candy is in a bowl on my desk, it's like a trick or treat mix in summer only very fresh and tasty. Stop by the office and sate the sweet tooth with me. :)

cheatymoon said...

I am a freak for candy - I picked super sour candy, like smarties or sweet tarts.

I saw 4 kids come in and I got 3 extra free candies. I shared my candy w/ the other half.

Interesting this week, Jack!

Jack said...

I feel like a kid when I remember these candies. I'm taking a trip to the Freak Lunch Box this weekend and filling a bag full of candy that represent things that I did, and places I went in my youth. Who wants to come?

Wig-Wag bars, pixie sticks, necco wafers, love hearts, sweet tarts (the giant ones), gold rush (were they gum or candy?)...

cheatymoon said...

Giant sweet tarts. Yum.

Amber said...

I pick the penny candies first, the small Berry-like kind with the sugar coating Those were my ultimate favorites, cause I could get more bang for my buck,
8 kids enter the store
Two, they're the sour nickel Coke Bottles
My aunt, she was my partner in crime for a lot of those trips to the store, or, at least she was my favorite.
What a fun one this one was to do...I'm gonna go hunt down some sours now.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

I love it when you post these... makes me think. :)

1. the candy I picked I don't know the name for; kind of like a sweet-tart on a little stick, like a lolly... does that ring a bell? it was in a bin by the door, practically the first thing I saw... a little greedy, perhaps? :P

2. 3 children came in

3. I got 2 extra sweets

4. my little brother (ok, not so little now that he's 35)

I'm surprised at how normal I seem!!! =D