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Thursday 2 July 2009

Kokology - Postmarked: The Future

{Introduction to the game}
(Book 2, pg. 20) Lounging around the house one Saturday afternoon, you are startled out of your reverie by the doorbell. When you open the door, you're greeted by a most unusual surprise--a pair of animal messengers has come to deliver news of your life in the future! But when you open their messages, you see they contain very different predictions of what lies in store for you. One of the animals has brought a letter foretelling a life of happiness and contentment; the other prophesies only disaster and despair.

Which of the animals below brought glad tidings and which an omen of doom? (Pick a different animal for each.)

1. Tiger.
2. Dog.
3. Sheep.
4. Parrot.
5. Tortoise.

You may leave a comment or you can keep your answer to yourself, it is up to you. Ready to play?

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Jack said...

I chose the Tiger as the messenger who brought me the glad tidings.
~In the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger is associated with good fortune, power.

I chose the Parrot as the messenger who brought me the omen of doom.
~I figured it would be something that I utterly hated bring me news of bad luck and misfortune, and what more disgusting a creature then a bird. lol

Seems the answers are right on for me this week :)

How'd y'all do?

LarryG said...

The Dog - Good tidings, my blogger friend has a crush on me too! ;)

The Tortoise - Doom, "the sky is falling" in a chicken little demeanor.

cheatymoon said...

I couldn't decide between the dog and the parrot for glad tidings. That makes sense. I picked the tiger for doom and gloom. Also makes sense.

Hope the weather dries up soon up your way!

Amber said...

I literally laughed out loud at thi sone, and cackled for quite a while afterwards each time I thought about it.
The Tiger brought me glad tidings, and the Tortoise brought me the bad tidings.
They were both oh so true!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Wow, Jack. We're so much alike... in this one anyways! I got tiger for glad tidings, because I see tigers as a very powerful life force, which I respect, and parrot for bad tidings, because I see parrots as annoying mimics and not having anything original to contribute (hence, the parrotting). Unfortunately, I married the parrot. =(

Shadow said...

i had the dog for the good and the parrot for the bad. and they're both spot-on.

kayerj said...

a gentle eyed dog would bring me good news, lay it lovingly in my lap and beg to have his ears rubbed. The parrot would fly in with the bad news shouted out with a raucous mimicking call. (I once had a bad experience with a McCaw. It climbed up my arm and sat on my head, I was terrified.)