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Friday 17 December 2010

Friday - the swirl on the cupcake

We learned to make a swirl on top of a cup cake this week in our cake decorating class.

Now on to the Friday Fill-Ins hosted by Janet from Fond of Snape Blog
If you would like to play along, just click on the image below. we go!

1. What in the world was the culprit that triggered this wicked migraine today? 

2. I like organic turkeys that are plump and well fed.

3. Go to a loved one right now and tell them how much you appreciate and cherish them(GO! I'll wait for you to get back to read the rest of my fill-ins)

4. After a visit with my doctor this morning, she sent me straight home to bed.

5. I keep on top of my chores around they house especially around the holidays just in case someone unexpectedly stops by for a visit.

6. I stood on the front step tonight, and look up to gaze at the millions of icy flakes falling from the sky.  We are getting snow like it or not.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying in my comfy bed trying to get rid of the migraine hangover, tomorrow my plans include some little leftovers of holiday shopping and Sunday, I want to make chocolates and cookies with the family!
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koreen (aka: winn) said...

I hope you feel better soon. I was just thinking I miss doing your kokology posts! Have fun with those chocolates this weekend. Mmmmm, chocolate.....

kayerj said...

take it easy and have a very merry Christmas :)