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Friday 10 December 2010

It's the hap- happiest season of all!

Finally I have some holiday decorations around the house. Looking forward to cutting down our tree on Sunday and decorating it.  I can't believe how the holiday season has snuck-up on me this year; I still have so much to prepare.  Are you ready for the Holidays?


Friday Fill-Ins #203

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1. I wish you all joy, love and peace this holiday season.

2. "How did I let this holiday season sneak up on me again this year?"...that's what I'm thinking.

3. Please bring a bottle of Pinot Gris  and a couple glasses and join me for sip.

4. Life is so amazing.

5. One of my fondest hopes is for a warm home, loving family and friends and to feel blessed going into the new year ahead.

6. I love getting visits here from all of you, and your positive support and sincere comments you leave behind are appreciated. They really do mean a lot to me, and sometimes they help me through some tough times, and I just wanted to say thank you!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing at home, tomorrow my plans include starting and hopefully finishing my holiday shopping and Sunday, I want to enjoy the day with the family wandering through a u-cut tree lot looking for the perfect(for us) tree, then heading off to hubby's uncle and aunties farm for a family gathering!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
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Lapdog Creations said...

Happy FF - I'm right there with ya on #3!

kayerj said...

have a great weekend, sounds like fun plans. I managed to get most of my decorations up early so that I wouldn't be trying to help my daughter with the new baby and decorating too. This week I start planning for the Christmas Eve celebration. My favorite day of the year.

Enjoy :)

koreen (aka: winn) said...

I like the collage... very elegant decorations. Mine are more... functional and non-breakable. It's a 4 yr old thing. ;)

Janet said...

What lovely answers you had...#3 sounds especially nice...thanks for playing :-)