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Sunday 29 May 2011

{easy like a} Sunday Morning:
Looked up

Turns out my Sunday morning shot didn't take much looking into the the sky after all. I mean, I started to look up but my eyes were not quite up to the sky before I spotted this...
and much to my surprise...
these were inside.  
Beautiful aren't they?
Mrs. Robbin decided the arbor where my mom and dad grow their grapes was the perfect spot to raise her family.  I didn't see her when we were there, but my dad says she is a busy lady always looking in at her eggs or sitting in her nest.  I wish I could have met her too this morning.

What did looking up into the sky turn up for you?


Nathalie said...

No Way!!! That is so cool!!!! I have never seen real Robbin's eggs and in their own nest even!!! Very cool photos Jack!!! :D

kayerj said...

very pretty :)

K Dubs said...

I love baby birds! I looked up and was immediately blinded by a great glowing orb in the sky! Oh, and then the hornet's nest hanging on the edge of my house. They're dead now. And my eyes are burning from staring into the sun. Happy Sunday! :)