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Tuesday 9 December 2008

Toronto Trip (Day 2 & 3)

Alarm went off at 6.00am and everyone was up getting ready for a big day of shopping at the Eaton Centre. The 1 km walk took about 15 minutes in the freezing cold temperatures... -17 degrees Celsius with the wind chill, BRRRR! All with our own agendas, we pick a time to meet up for lunch, then all 9 of us went off in our own directions. This mall is so large - much bigger than any shopping centre we have here in Halifax. I walked and shopped until my legs burned and our bags got too heavy to carry.

Around 7:00 pm, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our bags, freshened up a bit and headed out for dinner. We ate at a pub a few blocks away from our hotel called The Fox and Firkin. The food was great, the atmosphere was warm and the staff were all so friendly. It was just what we needed after a very long and busy day shopping.

Day 3 were were up at the ass crack of dawn again! After a hot buffet breakfast at the Golden Griddle, we took the subway to the YorkdaIe Mall for another shopping trip. We had had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, got on the wrong train on our way back and ended up backtracking a bit but we made it back safe and sound around 5:00ish, just in time to walk down to the Eaton Centre for more shopping before the mall closed. Bed was a welcome sight that night, my feet were hurting and every muscle in my body hurt - who knew a couple days of shopping with do this much damage to the body? We were up early the next morning and off the the airport for 5:00AM for an early flight home. This time I didn't bother with the Ativan and managed to calm myself just by using EFT.

And this concludes my weekend in The Big Smoke... Read about
(Day 1)

Ps. This is my 200th post.... Yay!


cheatymoon said...

Happy 200th, Jack. Your trip sounds really fun, sore body and all. And maybe you should do an EFT post for all of us. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Happy 200th! And i'm exhausted just reading this...altho all the food and great company sounds wonderful.

Shadow said...

shopping is HARD WORK!!! happy 200th!!!

Madeleine said...

A happy 200th. This much shopping leaves me with a sore body, as Shadow wrtes above 'shopping is hard work'I agree. Hope you like everything you bought.

Amber said...

WTG, 200 is a big number!
I've always wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe, but haven't been yet. Maybe when I head back to BC next year I'll be able to do it.
Shopping is always wonderfully exhausting, I hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

Jack said...

Madeleine... I don't really care for shopping but being close to Christmas, I must.

Shadow... Hard work indeed!

Thistle... Food and company were awesome, to say the least. My next vacation is going to be just R&R with very little shopping.

Movie... I have been mulling that post idea over, I just might do that.