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Monday 29 December 2008

Weekend Update

Happy Monday! I had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely, relaxing weekend .
A few weekend highlights:

Had a delicious family dinner at my parents house Friday night -- homefries and hot turkey sandwiches, a Boxing Day tradition.

Lets see, what else happened this weekend...

Saturday, hubby got up early and headed out to the Future Shop to purchase a new laptop for our son -- got a great deal on one which was a bonus! He also bought me a new graphics tablet and some ram for my computer... gotta love boxing day sales.

{small amount of snow fell Saturday evening}

Sunday we got up early and went to the used record store. Hubby got Alice Cooper Goes to Hell, News of the World - Queen, and About Face - David Gilmour. We spent most of the afternoon relaxing at home listening to his new tunes, then headed out for spaghetti at his parents house.

And that's about it..
.. how was your weekend?
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Shadow said...

you're peaceful weekend rubbed of on me today, thanks!

Billy Rhythm said...

Homefries and hot turkey sandwiches...

Oh yeah!

My weekend? I'll post it later, but basically it was a bust.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sounding weekend...i spent Saturday night at an aunt's 75th b'day which was lovely, got to see a few relatives i haven't seen in a while...and enjoyed a photoshow of the aunti's life which was a riot!

Turkey leftovers sunday night!

Amber said...

Yummy, Turkey sandwiches and spaghetti. My turkey was so late in making it's appearance I just carved it and froze it.
We had a fairly slow weekend as well, minor shopping and relaxing. ;o)

Pseudo said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful. I had the house to myself while everyone else had plans and I loved every minute. It's rare. It is usually so noisy and busy here I cannot think straight.

Yesterday we went to the closing night of the play my daughter is in, Peter Pan. It was quite fun.

LarryG said...

I like the little card, yes, less can be more...
Happy New Year!
May 2009 lift you up in wonderful ways!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice you got a graphics tablet. I got one too but haven't even attempted opening the box. How do you like it and what will you do with it? :) Am I being too nosey? LOL