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Sunday 13 September 2009

This Weekend I

...turned down a shopping trip to New York. (I may end up regretting this)
...had fun shopping for fresh, local produce.
...was surprised by hubby with a new laptop. (awww! Such a thoughtful guy my hubby)
...installed some shelving in the home office.
...enjoyed a relaxing couple days with my beautiful family.
What did you do over the weekend?


cheatymoon said...

Love the photos and congrats on the new laptop!
We had a relaxing weekend of errand running and watching a movie. Calm and easy.

Shadow said...

your weekend sounds great, even without the shopping trip.

kayerj said...

I agree, sounds like a nice weekend.

Madeleine said...

How sweet of your hubby. A new laptop great gift!

Enjoy your week Jack :D

LarryG said...

had a birthday party - waded in the Paint Rock river - watched NFL - finished reading "Three Cups of Tea" - spent half a day with a bunch of friends - ran for 35 minutes

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Sounds like fun... although i'm with you on possibly regretting turning down shopping in New York. Great to have a fresh new laptop, eh?
Happy week!