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Saturday 14 January 2017

The close connection between family is strengthened by trust, happiness...

The close connection between family is strengthened by trust, happiness, sadness and love. The ties between us have threads of steel. Most families at one time or another experience their share of ups and down. They are like a web, strong enough to hold on to you when you are struggling but like any web, has it weak points.  They understand that you have your faults and that no matter what you have their support, reason being is that no matter what they too have yours. When you fall and happen to break your family will rally together to help you out and support you.

My family are dear to me. They have experienced the good and have stood beside me during the bad. We have the craziest minds and we opine on each other's lives not necessarily to be heard but to express that we care. Listening to every story ten times only to react the same each time never letting them know we've heard it so many times before.

One day I was thinking about the phrase and how people are 'as good as the company you keep', which made sense to me. I believe my family have a great judge of character and I know they value life and have positive aspirations and work hard to be who they are. They are good people with good hearts and souls. Thinking of the good qualities of my family suddenly made me feel better about myself. I have so much admiration for these people they always make me reassess myself and lead me to find out that those qualities are also within me. My family is far from perfect, as am I, but we are strong and caring individuals and when push comes to shove we don't stand alone. These thoughts are refreshing when they come forward.

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