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Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday Monday, so good to me....

First off...Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

There was an Old Lady of Chertsey,
Who made a remarkable curtsey;
She twirled round and round,
Till she sunk underground,
Which distressed all the people of Chertsey.

Weekend recap... with photos

Friday night
Baby Sister's martini night was a blast to say the least. We ate, we drank and we laughed and played a somewhat heated game of trivial pursuit. There were only a few family members who attended, seven in total including myself.

Saturday was a nasty day. The snow started falling around 10:00AM and didn't stop 'till around 1:00AM. We did manage to get out and do our grocery shopping despite the slippery roads but decided to forgo the movie until next weekend (hopefully the weather will co-operate).

It was Baby Sister's birthday and we went out to Mezza for her birthday supper. The food was fantastic!, we ate 'till we were stuffed. We also polished off two bottles of the most delicious wine, Ksara(a Lebanese wine) and Madonna(a German Reisling). Baby Sis had a great time and I'm so happy she loved her gift (a printer).

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