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Saturday, 1 November 2008

House of Scorpio

Let confusion be the design
and all my thoughts go,
swallowed by desire: recess
from promises in
the November of your arms.
Release from the rose: broken
reeds, strawpale,
through which, from easy
branches that mock the blood
a few leaves fall. There
the mind is cradled,
stripped also and returned
to the ground, a trivial
and momentary clatter. Sleep
and be brought down, and so
condone the world, eased of
the jagged sky and all
its petty imageries, flying
birds, its fogs and windy
phalanxes . . .
- William Carlos Williams, Design for November

Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius.
Spirits: Banshees and other beings who carry messages between worlds.
Herbs: Ginger, hops, wormwood, hussop, patchouli, mugwort, nutmeg, star anise.
Colors: Black, white, purple.
Flowers: White lily, dahlia, chrysanthemum.
Scents: Rosemary, dragons blood, lilac, pine, wisteria.
Stones: Topaz, obsidian, onyx, Apache tear.
Trees: Pine, cypress, yew, elder.
Animals: Bat, wolf, sow, dog, snake (although this seems a little illogical as most snakes tend to begin going into winter hibernation around about this time of the year).
Birds: Owls, raven, falcon.
(from Mystical World Wide Web)
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Ps. November is my birth month, as well as my two girls birth month.


thistle said...

Thank you for is my best friend's birthday month also, s oit's giving me lots of ideas for birthday gifts and tributes...

Cheers and Happy B'Day month...

Shadow said...

what do you know, november is my birth month too. and the snake, well, since i'm in the southern hemisphere, they're just coming out to play round about now. thank you for this great post.

LarryG said...

The Bean Si, the wise woman.
became eventually the spirit of the one who wails the coming of death...
the Banshee cry....
what an interesting thought this...

lots of 'creepy' love to you Jack!

only a movie said...

My other half is a Scorpio too. 11/7


Jack said...

Lots of November birthdays. Mine is 11/21, my oldest daughter is on the 20th and my youngest daughter is the 19th. November is a busy month in my house :)

Yes indeed Larry, very creepy! She has only one nostril, a large protruding front tooth and long hanging breasts...

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Ah, loved this. My birthday is November 8. My grandmothers' were the 11th and 30th.