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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Drum Roll Please...

And the winner is...
(earlier you may have seen this post pop up for a second. I was preparing a post for the contest winner reveal and clicked "publish post" by accident. So, for real this time... lol)

Congratulations to #13: auntrene (OH-IO)! who has won the Cheers to One Year! giveaway. I used to choose the winning random number. auntrene, I will be emailing you shortly and remember, I need to hear back within 48 hours after I send the email out, or another winner will be chosen.

auntrene said... I would use this wonderful mood board to showcase some of my most prized possessions. Everything from pictures of the kiddos, made by the kiddos, scraps of leaves the kiddos bring inside for me to keep, I can think of so many things to place on this wonderful board.
Thanks you to all who participated in my Birthday Giveaway! It was so much fun to read all of your inspirational ideas for a Mood Board.

Here are some of the things you all said you would put on your own Mood Board:
  • Favorite maternity pictures and our first family picture after my DD's birth. Pictures of my favorite knitting to inspire me to makes some of my own designs.
  • Fountain pen, a squirt of hubby's aftershave and a 2 rand not a fortune teller gave me about 20 years ago.
  • Photos, favorite pages photocopied from books, ticket stubs to concerts.
  • Photos of sunsets and the ocean, my kids growing up.
  • Well-used guitar strings, my retirement notice, A picture of Earth to remind me of perspective and to keep me grounded, a photo of my paternal grandmother, who I didn't know but who inspires me anyway.
  • Patterns I want to knit, postcards, bits of leaves and bark I've collected, recipes, and quotes.
  • Personal notes I've received, quotes which move me, and other ephemera that makes me happy.
  • Favorite poems, exercise goals, and kid's activities.
  • Inspirational quotes, including the infamous 'Just Do It', some pics of people who inspire me, some pics of people i love and some goals.
  • Pictures from the resort for my honeymoon, a picture of my wedding dress.
  • Pictures of my family and pictures of my favorite movies, actors.
  • Gardening pics that inspire me and quotes and bible verses.
  • Showcase some of my most prized possessions. Everything from pictures of the kiddos, made by the kiddos, scraps of leaves the kiddos bring inside for me to keep.
  • Pics of my sons and of course Oliver (my dog) on my mood board, this would lift my spirits.
  • Fun color combos I find in magazines, the latest inspiring product I picked up and something wonderful that makes me smile every day!
  • Sunflower or two. A few fav photos. Inspirational fortune cookie "fortunes".
  • Anything that would keep me in a positive frame of mind and focused on all of my blessings.
  • Pictures i find that are inspiring to making my art.
  • A small version of an elephant footprint that I got from a zoo, photo of my son, a picture of my Wish sleeping (dog), a newspaper article about the weather featuring husband, a feather (to fly away if needed), a button to press to play a song, and a key to my heart.
  • Daily quotes and pictures on it. They are just nice to have hanging around.Pictures of the places I go that make me feel calm and peaceful, trinkets that I hold dear in my heart from loved ones who have passed, list of things I want to do.
  • Things that are only "mine" - in other words, hopefully no grocery or chore lists! I would tack up random pictures that appealed to me.
  • Favorite photos and inspirational quotes. Also possibly snippets of my favorite colors and magazine articles.


Billy Rhythm said...

I don't know if you heard it, but I supplied the drum roll for you!

LarryG said...

this is a cool idea...
and the idea of a mood board has such great value,
It's an excellent return on the money _ I think I will convert my bulletin board :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I think I will make a mood board too.

Lee said...

I just realized what I'm going to put on my naked wall in my new computer alcove! Yes, I'm in the remedial class today. That wall has been driving me crazy all day!

Shadow said...

loved reading all the memory board goodies.... nice stuff there.

Jack said...

I really do enjoy my the Mood Board I have hanging above my desk at home. When it fills up and I can't squeeze another thing on it, I photograph it, then place all the items into a scrapbook. It's so much fun!