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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tuesday Tune - Natural Disaster

I think I need a tune today... how about you?
Natural Disaster is a nice little tune by a local Halifax boy - Joel Plaskett & the Emergency.
I really enjoy this song, it makes me think of all the storms we have had this past winter.
La de da de da de da
Batten down the hatches Becky
Open up the earth and sky
Waiting on a natural disaster
Sitting out on my front porch
Watching storm clouds moving faster
Like a natural disaster


Amber said...

Speaking of maratime boys' I read someplace not long ago the lead of Great Big Sea got a spot doing a voice on a show someplace, though I can't remember the details. Now I'm gonna hafta go look it up. This very nearly sounds stupid now don't it? LOL
I'm gonna go get my IQ back now...

Jack said...

Amber, Alan Doyle is playing the part of Celtic musician in Robin Hood remake... You a fan?

only a movie said...

Oh, I love this. I may have to go find and download. I also like Great Big Sea.

Like the new header and quote (love Dumbledore) too, Jack!

Jack said...

You may have a hard time finding a download for Joel. You could use media converter if you can't find it on the web.

Shadow said...

what great lyrics!

only a movie said...

I did find Joel Plaskett, but it wasn't *official*. :-)