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Monday, 16 March 2009

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone! Did you all re-charge yourselves over the weekend? Are you ready to take on the week? I know I sure am.

This weekend was pretty relaxed and laid back for me. Mostly I spent time hanging out at home with the family, watching movies, reading, shopping, eating... Priss hung out with us for the majority of the weekend - which was nice!

We went shopping during the day on Saturday then came home, had dinner then watched "A Girl Interrupted" - one of Priss and Baby Girls favourite movies.

We had some lovely visitors to our yard. Four deer we spotted in the back yard munching on some young buds on the trees ( see, I told you the forest behind my house was enchanted). The afternoon was spent doing some clean up around the yard, taking full advantage of rising mercury which reached a whopping 12 degrees Celsius. We ended the weekend with a yummy roast dinner with some delicious strawberry shortcakes for dessert.

1.) New tulips (they were on sale on Saturday)
2.) A Girl Interrupted
3.) My visitors
4.) Strawberry Shortcake

What was your weekend like?


only a movie said...

Hi Jack - what a nice weekend wrap up and I love the photos you added. That enchanted forest is too much....

We had a quiet weekend too - went to NH to visit w/ the other half. Came home and did household stuff. Nice and low stress.

Happy Monday

LarryG said...

that sounds like a really cool weekend!
you go go go Jack! :)
thanks for sharing the shortcake'/'strawberries look delicious

Kathy said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm strawberry shortcake..... mmmmmmmmmm cake.....

sounds like you had a great weekend :)

Amber said...

yum, strawberry shortcake! I haven't had that in ages :o)

Shadow said...

i like your visitors!!!!! and the strawberry shortcake, heee heee heee

Jack said...

The Strawberries were not local, but tasty none the less. I haven't seen the deer back but the apples and carrots I tossed out for them have disappeared... could be the deer eating them or another wild animal.