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Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday Questions #6

1.  What stirs up your imagination?
2.  Do you believe in the supernatural?
3.  Do you cross your fingers for good luck?
4.  If you could possess a superpower, what would it be?
5.  Do you think "the man in black" (the smoke monster) is Esau, Jacob's brother? (For Lost Fans)

My Answers:

1.  Nothing stirs up my imagination more than people watching. 

2. I know I will have to give an explanation sometime after I answer this question.  Yes, I do believe in the supernatural and have had (what I think) were two supernatural experiences.  One was something I saw many years ago and the other was an attic experience.  (Explanation post in the near future)

3.  I do cross my finger but only on one hand.  Two hands with crossed fingers bring bad luck. 

4.  When I was younger I always thought I would like to read people's thoughts.  Now, I would love to possess powers of persuasion (put thoughts into peoples heads).

5.  Lost.  LOVE it!  I have this theory that Lost is an allegory for The Bible and Christian beliefs.

Monday Questions:  


only a movie said...

1. What stirs up your imagination? My first thought is that the supernatural stirs up my imagination.... and then I read the next question.
2. Do you believe in the supernatural? So, that would be yes.
3. Do you cross your fingers for good luck? Nope.
4. If you could possess a superpower, what would it be? Right now, not aging would be nice. No, I would want to heal people.
5. Do you think "the man in black" (the smoke monster) is Esau, Jacob's brother? (For Lost Fans) DAMN. We just started Season 5 this weekend. I will have to answer this next year... :-) xo

Gal Friday said...

1. time travel
2. yes
3. no, but I knock on wood
4. to be able to understand what all animals are thinking
5. don't watch Lost

WackyMummy said...

I've never answered your Monday questions before, but for some reason today I feel inspired to. ;)

!. Science news.
2. Sort of. Not necessarily the way the supernatural is portrayed, more like an energy field that hold properties of both negative and positive energy, which people are influenced by and can tap into. Weird, huh?
3. I knock on wood.
4. I honestly am not sure--maybe flying (like superman)?
5. I don't watch Lost. Sorry. :D

Jack said...

Movie - Sorry, I forgot you`re not caught up. No more Lost questions.

Gal -Friday - My daughter answered the same for the superpower question: "To be able to talk to animals".

Wacky - #2 is deep. Thanks for joining in this Monday :)

kaye said...

1. practically anything stirs my imagination--I have always been imaginative and my mind wanders a lot.
2. yes I believe in the supernatural/actually I believe in spiritual beings.
3. I do cross my fingers symbolically but I don't believe it has any power. I believe power comes through faith.
4. kindness, you could cure all the world's ill's if everyone were kind.
5. I love Lost, it's very entertaining--but it makes no sense. I have no idea where they are headed in this last season but it will be interesting to see how they wrap it all up.

I do think the smoke monster is Esau in another form--because "he" (John Locke) told Ben Linus he was sorry he had to see him like that. I think it weird though that as a young boy John was drawing the smoke monster when Richard came to visit him.

I also think the writers are drawing upon biblical references--obviously Jacob and Esau, a little Cain and Abel and ultimatley Christ and Satan.

Now a question for you--Do you think Sayid is now Jacob? (ie: John Locke is Esau)

you should continue "Lost" discussions and questions--maybe another day and then people who don't want to happen on to spoilers can avoid the post :)

I would love to compare thoughts with others as the show nears its conclusion

Jack said...

Kaye - There is a discussion on ABC's Lost site.