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Monday, 1 March 2010

Another day, another dollar, another question

I don't know about you, but I always find it so hard to achieve that perfect balance in my life.  I wonder if 'perfect balance' is something that is unobtainable; something that only exists in our wildest imagination.  Just when I think I'm finally getting somewhere, a new week begins and I start to fall behind again..."Sucking hind tit", as my mother-in-law likes to put it.  If anyone out there knows the secret, could you please fill me in?

Ugh!  It's Monday again... 

Here are a few questions to ponder over this Monday: 

1.  What is one character trait you love about yourself?
2.  How are you feeling this exact moment?
3.  What song do you think describes your life right now?
4.  Name one thing that inspired you this past week.
5.  Do you have any words of advice today?

My Answers:
1.  I think one of my best character traits is that I am affable.
2.  I'm feeling a little... ummm, lost today.
3.  Oh, I don't know...  How about "Strange Days" by Matthew Good.
4.  This little etsy shop called "Sea Glass Designs".  Amazing artist and so inspiring!
5.  "Soak up the sunlight you are given, drink each drop of water, and strive only to be yourself, life shall quicken in your roots, spirit shall raise you into the light, and your bloom will inspire the world." - The Universe

Monday Questions:
#8, #7, #6 #5, #4, #3, #2, #1 


kaye said...

I'm uninspiring today

1. I'm generally happy
2. like I need a nap
3. I'm not into songs so my my mind is blank
4. the olympics
5. take a nap when you are tired

sherri said...

new to your blog and really enjoying it, great read. the layout/look is lovely as well.

it's tuesday, but I'll play along...

1. really? hmmm. my sense of humor.
2. glad to be reclining with the kids asleep
3. i'm gonna go with cool change, little river band. saw you posted that in your music section. i'm sorta feeling that way.
4. positive feedback
5. me? advice? um, no. but love your number five answer!

Shadow said...

life's not meant to be perfect i think... but here's hoping you get more balance than imbalance at any one time!

now to these questions of yours...
1. seeing the good
2. hungry
3. gosh, dunno
4. music
5. practice, practice, practice