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Monday, 19 April 2010

Well Spanx my ass and call me...

Errrr... skinnier? Umm... how about slightly altered???

I have a family wedding coming up in May and I need to look pretty. Hubby is a groomsman and will be decked out in a tuxedo and I feel like I need to find something to wear that will be equally dressy. So last Friday night after a few margaritas and some coaxing from the Sistas, I tried on a dress my sister-in-law is going to lend me for the wedding, a cute little Calvin Klein that I NEVER would have picked out myself (I am a pantsuit kinda gal).

The next morning, sober and in the light of day, I tried on the dress again and decided -no matter how hard I suck it all in- this dress just isn't working for me. Hubby however, disagreed and reassured me I look great and thought I definitively should wear the dress. But what should I do about all these uncontrollable body parts of mine? And then it hit me... Spanx! Ahhhhhhh! Can't you hear the choirs of angels singing? So last night I ordered my first pair of Spanx, actually, my first girdle type undergarment ever. I sure hope Spanx are an ASSet not an encumbrance; lift I need LIFT people... and smoothness and everything held into place just enough to pull off this dress.


only a movie said...

Very fun. I have an alternative brand that I wore once for a wedding. On a 90 degree day. omg. But they did the trick. :-)

Gal Friday said...

I immediately always think of how hot those Spanx things must be, but have also heard my friends rave about them at the same time.
I haven't been to a wedding in such a long time and envy you being able to get dresssed up and going to one.
BTW, I have an award for you on my blog (check the Sat. entry)--I hope you'll accept?)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I bought spanx once...wore them once... and don't know what happened to them.

Have fun Jack ; -)

LarryG said...

I hope you get the Spanx-ing you "need" and want! lol
Go out and have a blast - You will be amazing!
(don't forget the pics of the happy couple - that's you and your hubby ;)