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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Feeling wistful today

This winter has been particularly long and cold and I am quite anxious for it to be over! I'm not sure what the temperature is on this mid March morning but it feels like around... -FREEZE YOUR DAMN ASS OFF!

These past couple of weeks all I have been able to think about is warm sunshine and the day when we can exchange our winter parkas, hats, gloves and boots for tanks, shorts and flip-flops.

Today I'm thinking of dinner at a good restaurant, walking along the waterfront and patio parties at The Lower Deck.
(picture this: The band takes to the stage and starts playing a familiar tune. The crowd immediately starts clapping, singing and dancing along. In between songs, the lead singer shouts ((Sociable)), a signal for everyone to call it back ((Sociable)) as friends and strangers raise a glass and share a drink.)

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