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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kokology -
All The World's A Stage

Back by popular demand...
Who wants to play KOKOLOGY?
*Your first time playing?  Read the like below for rules, tips and hints to the game
  • Say the first thing that pops into your head 
  • Don’t try to predict answers 
  • Be honest with yourself 
  • Be prepared 
  • Keep an open mind
Life is often compared to a drama--it's and easy comparison to make.  The coming and going of the characters, the suspense as each day's plot unfolds, the lines we hear spoken, and the acts performed:  you could say we live each day on stage.  There are even genres to the stories--office comedies and after-school specials, sometimes even a mystery or romance .  And the star of each daily episode is...YOU!  That's what makes life's drama so fascinating and endlessly varied--every cast member in every scene, every extra on the street, is the star of his or her own story in a plot that gets more complex every day.  Even the simplest exchange between two people can have infinite implications as the drama plays out.  Maybe that's why, despite the same old character and story lines we can never seem to get enough.  In the next scenario the curtain is up, the crowd is waiting and the spotlight is on YOU. 

1.  You are a member of a theater group.  What type of play do you most want to act in.  In the play, what do you picture as your big scene? Explain.

2.  You audition for the part and are chosen from among all your fellow performers for the starring role.  What words does you main rival have for you on being chosen?

3.  At the last dress rehearsal before opening night, you see the director sitting with his arms crossed in front of him.  He looks dissatisfied with you performance.  What is it he doesn't like?

4.  The performance goes off without a hitch, and the play was a huge success.  The crowd has gone home happy after the encore, and the theater is quiet.  What do you say to the empty hall as you stand there looking out for the darkened stage?

You can leave a comment with your answers or keep them to yourself  - it's up to you.
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only a movie said...

Yay! Kokology is back! This is a good one... Hmmmmm.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

So glad you're doing this! Yay!

This is a hard one. I'll have to think....


1. comedy/tragedy; my big scene: throwing myself at the hero and being rebuffed in a funny way. I can't explain, I just see it... I'm laying on a settee in a 1920's dress and definitely OVERACTING. But all in a funny way.

2. B*tch!

3. I didn't take the role seriously enough, and put enough emotion into it.

4. Ta-da!

(Now to go see what this all means!) ;)

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Spot on! Too funny. :D
Obviously I don't take life seriously enough.

Jack said...

My answers:

1. A dramedy.
My big scene would be my death monologue.
(my command performance in my life would be my death. I can see that!)

2. Congratulation on the part, you nailed it!

3. The director isn't impressed with my lack of conviction playing the dieing woman.
(this would suggest my weakness is my lack of conviction. hmmmm, I can see that)

4. "Thank you! And Good Night!"
(I like this!)

Jack said...

I forgot how much I like playing this game with you all :)

Maybe once a month?

kaye said...

I like this game too--

1. I like historical plays, mostly medieval.

2. Congratulations.

3. The left side of my face isn’t moving.

4. That was fun.