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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kokology - Circle, Triangle, Square

{Introduction to the game}
(pg. 91) You will need a pen and paper for this one.

Every shape and design may be reduced to the same basic building blocks: points and lines. For some, those words may dredge up painful buried memories of high school geometry class. But they can also take us back to a time when the world was simpler, to grade school art class when a house could be drawn using four squares and a triangle or a face created with a circle, two dots and a wavy line. Our next quiz asks you to assume that innocent perspective and sense of creativity once more.

Using a one circle and any number of triangles and squares, draw a design on the paper or go to artPad to make your design online. If you would like to share your masterpiece with the rest of us, you may click on "Save and Send" then save the link and post it in your comment.

Remember... this is only for fun, there are no right or wrong answers. If you choose to share your answers, you may leave a comment or you can keep your answer to yourself -- it's up to you. So who's up for some Kokology today?

My answer: See photo above

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Jack said...

This one is dead on for me! Wow!
Here is my drawing if your so inclined.

What did you get today?

Shadow said...

ok, sorry, skipped this one...

only a movie said...

That was tough. I drew something, but lost it before I could figure out how to link it in comments (haven't mastered that). Also, I'm not sure it was me - I did have a lot of triangles, so I guess I do juggle a bit...

really cool tho - especially artpad!

Amber said...

Here's my painting
what fun, and mostly true, I must say

WackyMummy said...

oops! I couldn't figure this one out!

did my first "QOTD".... check it out. =)

Gal Friday said...

Your drawing is beautiful in it's simplicity--seems like your life is well-integrated. Mine--seems overly complicated maybe because I make it that way?
here's mine:

Jack said...

Wow, Gal Friday! You really got into that :) Loved the cat(?)

Amber, yours was really good too. I especially liked the triangles that topped off the big smile!

WackyMummy, I'll be over to check it out asap.

Movie, thanks for playing along. I've been playing with the art pad all day.

Shadow - That's ok. Maybe next week :)

kaye said...

since the weather warmed up I'm outside chasing kids all day! kind of late getting to this, but it was fun

My painting can be seen here LOL

Jack said...

Kaye, I loved it! You guys all drew some pretty great stuff and all I managed to come up with was one circle, with one square and a triangle inside... I want a do-over lol

kaye said...

It's your site--do away!! fun game!