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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kokology - The Greatest Mystery

{Introduction to the game}
(pg. 125) Nobody really likes to dwell on the subject, but take just a moment now to think about what happens to us after we die. Does the soul move on to another world, or is death the absolute and final extinction of the self? Do you believe in heaven and hell or that the soul is reborn in a new body on earth? People have been wondering about these same questions for thousands of years, but in the end we have to admit that we just don't know. In this life, death remains the greatest mystery of all.

In this scenario, imagine that the soul survives after death. What form do you imagine it takes once it is freed from the body?

1. The soul is the same size and shape as its body was in life.
2. The soul retains its human form but expands in size.
3. The soul is tiny and human shaped, like a fairy.
4. The soul is a like a ball of flame or a cloud, without definite form

My Answer: I imagine that the soul would look like a flame or cloud but I was thinking more along the lines of a ball of light (energy).

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Jack said...

hmmm, I don't like the answer to my choice #4. "incredibly shallow"...could this be true?

How did you all do?

LarryG said...

i love what you do...
what i see here...
and i know that's just a wee part of the wonderful person that is jack...
i'll be out of pocket a couple of days.
have a wonderful weekend!
Love y'all -

Jack said...

Awww, I appreciate all your wonderfully thoughtful comments Larry... Thank you!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend too :)

WackyMummy said...

don't worry, Jack, I'm incredibly shallow too! ;) or else I just don't care about the issue.... hmmmmm. hope your week is great.

Shadow said...

omg! i also picked 4... okay, if i tell you you're not shallow, will you tell me i'm not shallow??? *grin*

Jessie said...

Hi Jack! Pretty new to your blog, I've lurked a bit however, this question has me coming out of the mist. I'm undecided between 1 and 4.

I know! For me it would be both! Depending on my mood!!! lol

Wonderful post!

Jack said...

WackyMummy and Shadow - Could that answer have been any more harsh??? I think #2 describes me best. What answer do you think fits you two best?

Jessie - Thanks for the visit and comment. Glad you decided to play along :)

kaye said...

I would go with #1, I believe we inhabit the same, but perfected, body we inhabit now. I would return to that God that gave me life.

only a movie said...

Sigh. Really? Incredibly shallow? Or I just don't care?

Jack, YOU are not incredibly shallow - you can be the wise part of that description.

Anyway, I chose #4 too.

Amber said...

I went with a ball of light, and I'd be a mix between the last two.

Shadow said...

...a mixute of all except 1

WackyMummy said...

Hey, Jack. I guess if I were to go by the answer itself, I would say #3.