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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Overloaded by Laundry

Today I'm slightly pissed-off with myself that I caved in and am doing every ones laundry. Three weeks ago I decided I was no longer going to be a slave to the washer and dryer and make Hubby and the kids do their own wash (it's not too much to ask, is it???). Well, I kept my end of the bargain, I wash my own laundry, do the towels and bedding etc., but I was the only one. The pile is massive!!! And I'm not exaggerating! I started washing on Sunday and today is Wednesday, I might be half way to the summit of Mt. Filthyclothes.
(I would have taken a photo of the pile, but I would have been too embarrassed for anyone to see)
Cartoon courtesy of Dave Walker at We Blog Cartoons.

In another three - maybe four, five days I will be finished, and my house will be back to ‘normal’ (and I use the term loosely). But for now I have taken up residence down in the dungeon. I am permitted to come up ever so often for food and drink. There is little dialog, just my ranting and raving like a madwoman.

I'm seriously considering charging the older two kids and the Hubby for every load I do of theirs - $5 a load, wash dried and folded.

What's this Bitch so happy about???
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