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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Made my day!

Well, I can hardly believe it - I am incredibly honored to have received this award. Thank you so much Shadow over at 1 Door Away From Heaven part II , you truly did "make my day"!

So the deal is - I don't get to keep this little award all to myself, I must share the love. I don't mind one bit though, I enjoy sharing nice things with nice people. So, here are the rules...
(1) give this to people whose blogs mean something special to you - or give it to the blogs whose persons mean something special to you
(2) leave a comment on their blog so they know they got it
(3) you get to pick the number of times you give it

My picks are:
The Philosophy of Chairs - Billy Rhythm is one cool cat!
The Bee in Your Bonnet - TopHat and her adventures in motherhood.
only a movie - One of my newest daily reads, a teacher from Northern New England.

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Billy Rhythm said...

Hey thanks! I'm honored! I'll be sure and pass it along, too.

Kori said...

Congrats on the award!

LarryG said...

yeah... you do make my day
you got it...
that's awesome

TopHat said...

Thanks for the honor! This has really made my day!

only a movie said...

Hey - thanks!! :-) I will be sure to pass it along.