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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kreativ Blogger... Awww Shucks!

This award came from a fellow Canadian blogger who never fails to make me laugh. Thistle from Of Thistles and Maple Leaves, awarded me with this way back on the 11th of November and I'm just now getting around to it... sorry it took so long Thistle. If you have never been to her blog, you really should visit sometime - In fact, you can head on over right now, I'll wait...

(Oh, your back! What did I tell ya? Great blog eh!)

Along with this lovely award, she had some very nice things to say about Slightly Off Center that I would like to share:
"Jack at Slightly Off Center …Canadian and a gifted photographer, her pictures are an inspiration to me and of a quality that i can only aspire to…"
Awww, thank you so much Thistle...I do appreciate that :) I take a lot of photos, and I mean.... A ton! Now and again I'm bound to get a few keepers...
So now on to the next part... the rules:

♥ List 6 things that make you happy.
♥ Pass the award onto 6 Bloggers you consider to be Kreativ.
♥ Link to the blogger who gave you the award.
♥ Link to the blogs receiving the award.
♥ Notify the recipients.

6 things that make me happy
  1. My family
  2. The sound of kitty purring
  3. The sun shining
  4. A new roll of film
  5. An upcoming (mini) trip to Toronto
  6. Getting into the holiday spirit
I would like to pass this award along to to following blogs:
  1. Yesterday, Today, Forever - For his Kreativ poetry
  2. 1 Door Away From Heaven part II - For her Kreativ writing style
  3. Blaze Danielle (A Crative Compilation) - Who has some very Kreativ Art
  4. Windsweeping - Inspirational and A wonderfully Kreativ writer
  5. Mommy Mania - 1 Canadian (living in the Us) + 2 kids = One very Kreativ blog
  6. The Muse Asylum - Last but not least, another Kreativ Canadian blog
Now I'm off to spread the word around.
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Shadow said...

aaaah, at last.... i couldn't comment this morning for some or other reason.

firstly, thistle's got it spot on. you are a fabulous photographer. keep on doing what you're doing. it's juuuuust right.

and secondly, thank you so much for passing it along to me. i'm grateful and feel honoured.

Amber said...

Thank you so much Jack! I feel so special :oD
Hooray for Kreativity and new friends.

LarryG said...

wow! and thank you...
and... i have been looking for you lately...
and asking a blessing for you!