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Friday, 12 August 2011

Meet Mika the Silkshire Terrier


Walks in the park and being with his family

Thunder, fireworks, and large crowds (shakes like crazy)

Favorite Toy:
A stuffed puppy

Favorite Food:
The cats food

Favorite Walk:
Mika loves brisk walks in the woods or in the park or anywhere he can socialize with other dogs

Best Tricks:
He walks around on two legs, and can jump really high

Arrival Story:
I had been talking to the family about getting a small dog and naming him Peppa.  One evening I was bored and started searching for small dog breads that would best suit our family dynamic.  We narrowed the list down to two dogs we loved, one was a Papillon, the other was the Yorkie.  I contacted a Papillon breeder first and was told they only sold dogs as "pets" from their litters if the puppy wasn't considered "show" quality; otherwise they only sold dogs to people who would agree to show their dog.  I thought... "How totally pretentious!"  Next we contacted a Yorkie breeder who wouldn't be expecting a litter until around September.  Then my daughter found a Silky-Yorkie breeder near by so we contacted Tammy the breeder, and luckily they had one pup who wasn't spoken for. We didn't want to miss out on this guy so we make the 2 hour drive to see him the next day.  Needless to say, all the puppies were sweeties, but our pup was hands down, the most handsome off all in the litter.  He was so small and cute and cuddled right up in my daughters lap.  She would put him down to pet another pup and the little guy would wander back to my daughter and crawl into her lap and fall asleep.  Well,  we fell in love with the little guy right then.  We had to wait until he was 6 weeks before we could take our little Silkshire boy back with us to his forever home.  We kept in touch with Tammy over the next three weeks, and she would send photos of our pup and update us on his progress.  Finally we were able to pick our little guy up and we were so excited to bring him home!  Total puppy LOVE!!!

Ps.  We decided he was more of a Mika then a Peppa.

There's our little guy- Mika Muggins!!!

Do you have a bio for your puppy?  I would like to read it!
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Anonymous said...

He is soooo freaking cute, I don't know how he can stand being him. And I love the name Mika. So sweet.

My sister has one Yorkie and one Silkie and also a Pomeranian/Poodle mix. She likes little dogs.

Penny (my little doggie) is a Dorkie - Yorkie and Wire Coated Dachshund mix. She is so sweet. She loves chasing squirrels and going for walks and she's keeping me sane this summer.

I wrote about her a while back:

Glynis said...

Mika is adorable!!! xo