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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Kokology -- The Doctor Will See You Now

{Introduction to the game}
pg. 165) A hospital means different things to different people. Those coming in to have some undiagnosed malady examined for the first time may look on the place with a sense of anxiety and dread. But for those walking out the door after recovering from a long illness or delivering a beautiful, healthy baby, the hospital takes on associations of happiness and relief. The hospital is a world in itself, where life and death, sadness and joy, cross paths and intermingle on a daily basis. And for the people within, every day is another chance to heal no just the body, but the mind as well.

Perhaps you have been to the hospital before, or perhaps this is your first visit. Either way prepare yourself, because the doctor will see you now.

1. You're in the lobby of a medical clinic, waiting for your name to be called. A small boy is racing around the waiting area unattended, and you warn him to be careful and slow down. How does he react?

2. The door to the examination room is open just a crack, and you catch a glimpse of a gray and unhealthy-looking person being examined by the doctor. The patient is a person you know. Who is it?

3. The doctor's aide comes out and calls your name. Strangely, the aide bears a very strong resemblance to someone you know. Whom does the aide look like?

4. After your examination, the doctor calls you into his office, but when you enter he remains seated with his back turned to you, muttering to himself as he goes over your chart. He shows no signs of explaining things to you. What do you do?

My Answer:
I say to the little guy... "Opps, be careful you don't fall!" (in a gentle, happy voice). The little kid just ignores me and keeps on running in circles, almost taking out an elderly gentlemen entering the office. Then I look over at the mother and she`s just sitting there on using her Blackberry, ignoring her child. Grrrrr! I hate when this happens ;)

When the door opens and I see a patient in the exam room, it's my crazy old history teacher from Jr. High School. Oh my she was a mean old bitch!

The aide who calls out my name looks a little familiar but I can't quite put a name to her face -- this sort of thing happens to me all the time. Maybe I am visiting the doc for a problem I'm having with my memory (hehe).

Oh I have been here before! I had a specialist a little while ago who would get so frustrated when I would ask him to explain my treatment options in "normal english" instead of medical jargon. Whenever I would bring hubby with me, he would turn to give him the explanation and ignore me, as if I were a total idiot for not understanding.
There are no right or wrong answers. If you choose to share your answers, you may leave a comment or you can keep your answer to yourself -- have fun!

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Jack said...

My results...

Ignore criticism? Who me? ;)
I guess I do get somewhat defensive when criticized.

Well, considering my history teacher has been deceased for some time now... this one is dead on!

I guess that is why I couldn't put a name to the face. There is no one I know who has that kind of power over me.

Hmmmm... an explanation from him when I would ask him to loose the Doc talk. I never demanded and explanation so my answer is a little vague.

How'd y'all do?

WackyMummy said...

Hmmm. Interesting... very interesting.
1. The boy looks at me, then runs off and plays somewhere else.
2. This person is my granny; I've never gotten along with her because she's always been cranky and critical. I think it's better to stay out of her way.
3. I'm always forgetting who people are, and almost everyone looks familiar to me!
4. I say, "Um, hello? So... what's up, doc?!"
What does that say about me???


kaye said...

1. he probably stops and looks at me for half a second and then saucily spouts off, "You're not the boss of me". (true story)

2. Probably my mother since I often accompany her on doctor visits and she is often gray and unhealthy looking.

3. Barbie (ya, the one mattel makes)

4. Clear my throat and say "excuse me, I'm over here."

LarryG said...

1. The boy sheepishly goes to his mom and puts his head down, refusing to look back up.

2. My Uncle Ray, I have been concerned about him lately.

3. A good friend's secretary. I have to admit she always extra sweet when I am around her and I have a friendly crush on her. Too bad she has one quality I absolutely cannot abide, she is married ;)

4. I am very direct with Dr McDoNuttin. I ask some pointed questions repeating myself until I get answers. I have learned it is absolutely necessary to become your own advocate when dealing with the medical field.

only a movie said...

Nice Job, Jack. My answers were weird. The little boy looked at me and smiled as if to say thanks for warning him. The grey person was someone I only knew a long time ago, as is the assistant. The doctor - I got his attention and asked him to explain himself... pretty accurate!

Amber said...

1. He responds with a shy look back at me and stops what he's doing, but only for a short time.
2. J, my Step-dad's mom. Interesting.
3. T.P. another parent on the PTO whose company I really enjoy, and yes, I do look up to her.
4. I would ask him for a diagnosis, and an explanation. If I didn't receive it I would go seek a second opinion.

Shadow said...

1. the kid grins and carries on... yip, sounds familiar.

2-4, my answer do not match the people or my reactions at all...