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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Friday Fill-In #70

1. Two three of my favorite ingredients in a drink are:
Traditional Margarita
  • 1 1/2 oz Tequila
  • 1/2 oz Triple Sec
  • 1 oz Lemon or Lime Juice

Rub rim of margarita glass with lime rind and dip in salt. Shake ingredients with ice and strain into the salt rimmed glass.

2. I often amaze me.

3. You can keep doing that forever, the dog is never going to move. - Jack Sparrow

4. 2 ripe avocados, ½ red onion, minced (about 1/2 cup), 1-2 serrano chiles, stems and seeds removed, minced 2 tablespoons cilantro leaves (finely chopped), 1 tablespoon of fresh lime or lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt, dash of freshly grated black pepper, 1/2 ripe tomato(seeds and pulp removed, chopped)
mix it all together and voila! You have Guacamole! (oh and don't forget the blue tortilla chips)

5. If I had a yard with a garden, I would love to grow lilies
(from my garden last summer).

6. Sunbathing is best au naturel.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing nothing in particular, although I am craving Mexican food all of a sudden so I may head out with the Hubby for some, tomorrow my plans include the usual Saturday stuff, groceries and whatnot and Sunday, I want to hit the garden center for some soil and new plants and play in the dirt all day!


Simply Shannon said...

Your FFI is much more interesting than mine!

sally906 said...

blue tortilla chips?

Sunbathing may be good in the natural way - but sunburn ALL over is not!!!

Tere said...

I love lilies too! Happy FFI!

The Holistic Knitter said...

A jug of Margarita shared with friends on a warm summer night...bliss!

Fleur de Lisa said...

Guacamole and margaritas? I'll be right there!

Melli said...

ANY day is a good day for Mexican food! I'm always craving it! LOL! And guacamole! Mmmmmm!

Smoochdog ~ said...

I have a whole bed of lillies that I am trying to get rid of! You can have mine! Seriously the roots go so deep it has taken me years of getting rid of them and they still sprout up.

Tasha said...

Yummm.... I might just have to get/fix me a margarita tonight.
You can view mine here.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Happy Friday!! :)

ratmammy said...

oh, i could eat some guacamole right around now!

Janet said...

Cheater! ;-)

Dude, I can't believe you got #3, that's awesome!

I'm craving guacamole now, thanks ;-)

Lilies grow in my front yard ... they were planted there many MANY years ago.

Anonymous said...

a local VA restaurant chain which my kids love- so we frequent it often serves red-white & blue tortillas as part of their chips & dips appetizer plate.
Enjoy your weekend.

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Great fill ins. Your #6 just reminded me of a picture I want to post to my blog... better go do that, haha.

Reba @ Reba's Run said...

Whoof!!! I like yur answers. Have a great weekend, and don't burn yur a** while nude sun bathing... arf arf. I always wear my fur coat!!

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Hi Jack (something I can't say on an airplane, haha). Thanks for popping over to my blog. I guess maybe you were looking for a photograph more than a cartoon type picture. It's posted, and here's the specific location:

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

I see it cut of the tml of html.... so here's one you can just click on and go straight to that joke.

why women shouldn’t sunbathe in the nude

3rdEyeMuse said...

great answers & thanks for your guac recipe. :)

cheers to a great weekend! ~M~

cre8tivkj said...

Number 4 goes great with number 1, like Mexican, do ya?

Julie said...

Great recipes. I've written them down :)

Thanks for visiting.