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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Memory by Scent

The spicy aroma of cloves and oranges simmering in hot mulled cider, an ex-lover’s perfume/cologne, rain on a hot summer road. Aromas can recall warm memories from our past and sometimes smelling a forgotten scent can even bring back lost memories.

What are your own scent memories?

Here are a few scent memories of my own:

- My parents use to take us for some maple sugar candy when we were little. A lady who tapped her maple trees made it locally.

The air during the first snow fall - So crisp and fresh - aint it good to be alive! Reminds me of a time many, many moons ago when my sister and I would see the first flakes of winter, and run outside to catch some on our tongues.

Roast turkey - Waking up most Sunday morning when I was a child, the smell wafted from the kitchen into my bedroom.

Wild roses - My Grandmother use to have a wild rose bush growing at the side of her house. She loved those roses.

Baby power - Brings me back to when my kids were infants, all pink, squishy and new. I miss that smell.

Pine - Brings the memories of Christmas' past.

Freshly baked gingerbread - The first time I was invited to dinner at Hubby's parents house. We had gingerbread and whipped cream for dessert.

After a summers rain - This is a very special, and private memory.

The Ocean - I have a number of memories associated with this aroma. My Wedding day is the first thing that comes to mind - It was a warm and sultry July evening at a warfside venue just outside the city.

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