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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Under a Clear Blue Sky

{Introduction to the game}
(pg. 60) Imagine a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. Just thinking about it should give your spirits a little lift. Now turn your minds eye down to survey the landscape. Which of the following scenes feels the most calming and relaxing to you?

A] a white snowy plain
B] a blue seascape
C] a green mountain
D] a field of yellow flowers

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Jack said...

My answer was #2... I like #2 :)
What did you get?

Shadow said...

i like this week's. my answer was D

i think yours is pretty accurate, that which i pick up from you here...

Jack said...

Shadow, "D" is spot on for you, from what I've experienced from your writing and creativity :)

LarryG said...

I choose D but it was tough to choose, except I wasn't interested in the snow :)

Jack said...

Larry, same thing I said for Shadow... "D" seems to fit you just right :)

After this winter, can't imagine who would pick "A"... unless you lived in a warm climate all year round --

Lee said...

As always, my response was the same as yours :) Give me the seascape!

Jack said...

Isn't that funny Lee...kindred spirits :)

Everyone so far is spot on!

kaye said...

C) a green mountain. My dad was a wildlife biologist and we spent our summers in the mountains. When I get homesick it is for the mountains. A camping trip or nice drive will soothe me in a way nothing else can. I love the smell of mountain air, mountain breezes, sagebrush and the peculiar smell of pine and quaking aspen. Just writing this makes me yearn for "home".

Jack said...

Kaye, your description of the mountains makes me want to plan a visit. Unfortunately we have no mountain ranges near NS.

So, did you find that "C" matched you?

Amber said...

I went with C and I'd say it's accurate...though I agreed with all the answers, really. I guess it depends on my mood :o)
Haha, my word verification is "pouts"

Gal Friday said...

Hmmm....I answered "D"(the field of flowers) and I wish my "infinite potential" could land me a better job, but is probably too much to hope for in these rocky times.

only a movie said...

I'm a green mountain. I love the mountains. A lot.

I guess I'm halfway decent at expressing myself. I'm persistent, that's for sure.

Again, Jack. Love love love this game.

Jack said...

Amber, would growing up in BC have anything to do with your answer?

Visiting The west coast in on my "to do" list. I will have to get some sight seeing info from you when I do go :)

Gal Friday, you never know! It could happen :)

Movie are you kidding... I think that is a great fit (judging by what I have seen from you blog[s]).

"You always seem to be able to find the words to express the way you feel, and people soon realize its exactly how they were feeling,too." -- This is spot on!