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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Kokology - When Is a Door Not a Door?

Time to play a little game of Kokology. If this is your fist time playing along, you can click here for the introduction to the game.

Ready to play?

  • Say the first thing that pops into your head 
  • Don ’t try to predict answers 
  • Be honest with yourself 
  • Be prepared 
  • Keep an open mind 
It isn't every day that you have the time to take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood: a stroll without purpose or destination, a chance to stretch your legs, let the mind wander, and get reacquainted with some old familiar sights. On your way, perhaps you'd stop in at a cozy coffee shop, explore the paths of a favorite park, or take the opportunity to do some window-shopping. Then there are those days when it's enough just to let your feet decide your course...

Picture yourself on a stroll through town. The day is beautiful and you're half-lost in a daydream. You turn onto a street that you've never been down before, and as you walk you pass a beautiful house set somewhat back from the street. Pausing a moment to admire the lovely home, you notice the door is half-open. Why is the door ajar?

1. The house is being burglarized.
2. The owner forgot to close it.
3. The owner is inside, sweeping out the entrance way.

*Reading this in Google Reader? Answer the questions before you continue to scroll to see the Key to "When is a door not a door?"

Click to reveal Key to "When Is a Door Not a Door?"

Take KOKOLOGY with you
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Shadow said...

this one is perfect and spot-on... no. 3. except i'm not so sure about the 'mature indiviual' bit, heee heee heee

it is so good to have you back jack!!!!!!!!!!!

WackyMummy said...

#2--forgot to close it. Whoops! Crisis? What crisis? Oh, right. That's my life. ;)

Sure missed playing this game!

only a movie said...

Oh yes, I picked number 2. So used to crisis situations, I forget to notice. Sigh.

LarryG said...

Frankly I am so happy to see Jack posting I forgot to close the door, and just ran to the computer to see what's next!
Hope all is well!
I think No 2 - and it's because the kids ran out the door to play in the yard, they are singing, picking dandelions, and having the general "awe of life" moments we adults admire so much! Listen do you hear giggles?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I say #3. Now I'm off to see my reveal...

Jack said...

I picked #3.

This could be me - except for the part about displaying my weaknesses for the world to see... hehe!

I missed doing these. What will we do when I run out of book? I'll have to come up with something :)

Thanks for playing along everyone!

kaye said...

yay! Kokology!

I pick #3--the owner is home. But in my case I'm not sweeping the kids just can't remember that a door is meant to be shut!

I love this game :)

Amber said...

I picked #3 as well. I love how interesting each answer makes me sound, LOL