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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Off Track

Almost an entire week has flown by and I haven't made one single post.

I'm sitting here at my desk surrounded by piles of so much clutter and a "to do" list that goes on forever. So much to do before Christmas, but I can't seem to get on track. My head has been wandering off again. Where is it, you ask? Well I'm not quite sure but I hope it hurries back... I need it!
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LarryG said...

to do lists can be very over-rated, I am wishing all my friends "Peace on Earth" for the holiday.
Especially peace from list after list. Praying you'll enjoy the love of the season!
love and hugs to y'all!

thistle said...

i'm so far behind in my getting ready for Christmas...and yet i refuse to stress over it. This blizzard that dumped on us yesterday was a bit of a pain and added to the time issues. But it's winter, and snow happens. I'm hoping to get pics of the dogs playing in said snow...and maybe the family of five + big bald eagles that suddenly seems to have taken up residence 2 skips away from here.

only a movie said...

We're about to get walloped w/ snow this weekend, so I'm guessing the slow down will have to happen then. We've been busy every night this week. I'm sort of looking forward to being socked in...

have a good weekend, Jack!

Jack said...

Larry, I've crumpled up my lists and tossed them away... yikes!

Thistle, I heard you are having some nasty weather in your parts. Hunker down and keep warm... looking forward to the photos of the dogs and eagles.

Movie, we've been pretty lucky here in NS with the weather. Hope the coming storm doesn't hit too hard though, you wouldn't want to lose power or internet.

Shadow said...

good to see you've tossed the list. enjoy christmas, don't let the holiday run you down. the seagull is great!