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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Testing New Comment Platform

I have been searching for a comment solution for here that will allow me to reply individually to comments you all leave. I installed Intense Debate on my Tweak blog so I can test it out and see if it will work out.
Intense Debate is a commenting system available for blogs and websites. Intense Debate comments enhances and encourages conversation on a blog or website and gives readers the opportunity to engage a blog's content and each other. One feature is Reply By Email which enables you to reply to and moderate comments via email!
Please come on over and give it a try and tell me if you like it or dislike it? Are there any bugs that you've encountered? Loading time, etc?

Blog Tweaking Experiments


only a movie said...

Is it here? The comment platform? How do you get all these tweaks? I am interested! I probably won't have time to tweak anything until summer vacation... but, what fun.

Jack said...

Erin, click the link at the bottom "Blog Tweaking Exp."

MommyWizdom said...

Hmn... neat idea. I kinda like the way my blog already does that, although I don't use it very much... Perhaps I should.



Jack said...

Mommy, Typepad right? Blogger doesn't give us the option to reply to comments but I'm still searching for a way around that.

Billy Rhythm said...

Wordpress lets you reply to comments via email. The templates, though, are a BEAR to edit, so changing your page layout is no where near as easy as some blogging tools. That is, unless you have a great grasp on CSS...