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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

seize the day and be HAPPY!

Ever have something some has said get inside of your head and stick there for days, sometime even weeks? Are you like me, and play it over and over again 'till you're sure you will go insane?

5:30 came so early after a fitful night's sleep! The sky was pitch-dark, and the stars still had some sparkle left in them. I hauled myself out of my soft, warm bed and into the kitchen and put on the kettle; some hot tea will wake me up. The weather station says it -19°C with highs of -15°C, brrrrr! I'm so thankful to be warm and safe inside my cozy house, sipping on a hot cup of tea on such a cold morning. Looking out my kitchen window, I can see the first rays of the sun jutting up just behind the tree line; it will be a magnificent sunrise... and I count all my blessings.

I haven't been sleeping that great this past week. I have something on my mind that won't go away, something that someone said last week has been playing in my head, disrupting my slumber. The lovely LarryG asked a question last week on Facebook. He asked:
"Is it right to be happy when there is so much suffering in the world?"
Hmmmm. At the time I didn't know how to respond to this question, just thought and thought for days about it.

There are so many types of suffering; so many people in pain, forget about the world, but right here in our own city, right in our own back yard. I look around, and I am overcome by the number I encounter on a daily basis. The homeless who huddle in the alcoves of the city to keep warm on these cold nights. The girl who works back to back shifts at the drive-thru to keep her family safe and fed; she gives a wan smile as she hands me my coffee through the window. The man who stands on a street corner with his guitar and dog; the guitar he plays for donations of money or food, his loyal companion keeps him warm when the temperature dips to -20. The teenager at the local high school who's home life is a mess, wonders if life really is worth living. Pain and suffering comes in all different shapes and sizes, in every neighborhood, all over the world. So, why do I deserve happiness when there are other people who don't have it?
"The Better, Happier Me.
The Better, Happier You.
A Better, Happier World To Live In. " ~ Matthew Good
I believe that happiness begets happiness.
Being in a positive frame of mind is a duty we owe to ourselves. The fact that you are happy does not interfere with caring for others who are less fortunate. Just the opposite -  A happy person has more enthusiasm and energy to help others less fortunate, whereas the unhappy person has nothing to spare of his own time or energy, he needs every bit keep himself going. It’s not just okay to be happy; it’s the best frame of mind for making a difference.

So go on!
Go out and seize the day and be HAPPY!

Thank you LarryG for always keeping me thinking.
{{Hugs}} to you all today ♥


only a movie said...

You are so right. We are not on this planet to endure it. Our task is to find love and joy in every task - large and small.

The thing that always cracks me up is when people demand a smile. I'm a very reserved sort of person and rarely super smiley - especially if I am working hard. But I'm usually quite content while working intensely... if that makes sense.

Saying that, I broke up a fight first thing this morning and had some crisis-ish events all day long, so it was not a smiley day.

Ack. :-)

kaye said...

well said Jack, happiness does beget happiness and I think we should each take responsibility in sharing it. Loved your post today. I've been reading Larry (though not commenting) He tends to think deeply and I love his poems.

Gal Friday said...

I go back and forth on that question all the time. Why is life so bad an/or unfair?
But, simple gratitude for all that is right in your own life can make you happy and there is nothing wrong with it.

Beautiful post, Jack.