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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday Thoughts

*  My son asked me if I believe in fate.  I told him the Jewish story about a sage who had a reputation of being able to answer any question.
One day a boy was determine to prove that the sage couldn't know everything. The lad had an idea to prove the sage was faking so he told everyone to meet him the next afternoon. The next day he caught a small bird, met the sage and said to him:"You say you know everything, well prove it. What am I holding behind my back?"
The sage said: "I didn't say I know everything, but I believe you are holding a bird in your hands."
The boy then decided to ask the sage if the bird was alive or dead. If the sage said "alive," he would crush it and prove him wrong. If he answered "dead," he would set the bird free. Either way, he could prove the sage didn't know everything.
The boy said, "OK, so tell me, is the bird alive or dead?"
The sage replied: "The answer is all in your hands."

*  February 25th! Is it just me, or did February fly by really fast?

*  I'm pondering how I will handle my weekend while I am anxiously awaiting the return of my daughter from her NY road trip.

*  I have tried the medication route for my anxiety --which failed miserably, by the way.  Just wondering if I should consider therapy.

*  My husband never ceases to amaze me.  I truly do appreciate all the love and support he gives this crazy (and getting crazier by the minute) ol' bitch chick.

*  My blog anniversary is coming up soon.

*  It's getting really expensive and time consuming keeping up with the ever-growing grey in my hair.  Maybe I should stop colouring it and just let it grow out.

*  Boy oh Boy!  That was a really great Olympic Hockey game between Canada and Russia.

Whoopie Pies.

What thoughts are in your head this Thursday?


only a movie said...

I go to acupuncture for anxiety and peri-menopause symptoms... can you do that? It does work well w/out meds.

I hear you on the grey, but I'm not giving up yet.

Hang in there, I'm confident you will get thru this weekend fine... xo

WackyMummy said...

I love random thought day! :D

Hmmm.... I know you've tried the emotional freedom technique, which, as a therapist, I have doubts about. If it works, great, but it doesn't work for everyone (like myself or a handful of clients I've worked with). Anti-anxiety medication is great--until you build tolerance for it. So I definitely see your dilemma. For myself, the only things that keep me sane, and I don't use that word lightly, are the following: cognitive therapy techniques, good friends to talk to and vent to, a fun blog to write whatever the heck I want and I don't care (too much) what people think, a supportive partner (isn't it great to have someone put up with a crazy b..., I mean: chick?), alone time to recharge, and a fun hobby to keep me occupied. But I think the cognitive therapy is the most important. I can usually talk myself through all but the worst anxiety attacks.

And yes, February went by fast. Thank god! ;)

Shadow said...

aaaah, those eternal grey hairs... just as i want to stop colouring my hair, nature is forcing me to...

Lee said...

LOVE the story :)

February didn't go fast enough, I'm anxious for spring.

You will handle your weekend just fine. Trust is a wonderful thing.

I am a huge fan of therapy - professional as well as girlfriends.

Supportive husbands are great, too.


I've tossed the bottles and am embracing the gray and kinda like it. Certainly like the cost!

The game was AWESOME! Bring on Team USA - I think our boys are finally in a groove!


Have a wonderful Thursday and rest of your week!

Gal Friday said...

I keep coming back to this entry of your's but can't comment becasue I would have so much to say and I don't want to seem like more of a comment hog than I am(sometimes with all my overdone wordiness).

I have to say, though--Canada is doing fantastic at these games(I haven't seen any of the hockey games, though)with all their medals!!!!

And I am the same way--thinking that it is going to be too expensive to keep on dying grey hairs and hopefully can accept a full head of grey hair.

I hope you can figure out some way to handle your anxieties(only's suggestion sounds good).
After I was diagnosed in my late 30's, I tried some meds for A.D.D. and hated the whole trial and error process, figuring out what dosage and which med was right for me, while putting my sensitive body through further hell. So..I find "drug-free" and *acceptance of the way I am* and support by a husband/partner has been the way to go for me.

Gal Friday said...

See? I was a comment hog, after all....