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Friday, 29 October 2010

Scent Recall

a light breeze 
came in through my bedroom window
a scent
an aroma
of wood smoke 
and wet leaves

took me back to when I was in my youth-- 8-12 years old. Me, my sister and our friends in a clearing in the forest near the pond where we would play for hours on end. Building tree forts, catching frogs, or just lazing about listening to our transistor radio, eating a picnic lunch on a wool blanket.

But this particular scent memory was of late afternoon, mid October. The sun was just starting to set and rays were streaming through the fall foliage lighting the leaves up like jewels -- red, gold, rust... It was my favorite time of the day. We were up in our tree camp, ignoring my parents' shouts to come home, recounting summer gone and making serious plans for winter that was just around the corner. Lounging with our legs dangling over the side of the platform, inhaling the deep aroma of wood-burning stoves and dampening piles of leaves.

It is amazing how a scent can trigger memories so powerfully vivid from decades gone by.

Have you had a recent scent recall? I'd like to hear about it sometime!

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween weekend ♥
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Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

Wild white roses lined the front of my Nan's yard, she always had one cut in her kitchen window. When I catch that smell on a warm spring breeze, it brings me back to my childhood. When I bought my first home I searched for the exact rose and planted a bush by my front door, when we moved it came with us.

kaye said...

I love the smell of aspen bark, crisp cold wind and moldy leaves. Takes me bake to the deer hunt every time.