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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Things I miss from my youth:
{ tuesday ten}

Becoming in contact with an old pal I haven't heard from since high school has put me in a nostalgic mood today.

Are there things from your past that bring back wonderful memories for you? Here are 10 things I miss from my youth:
  1.  Kissing Potion
  2. Loves Baby Soft perfume
  3. Macrame purses
  4. Roller skates
  5. The Pop Shop
  6. Penny candy
  7. The Muppet Show
  8. Platform clogs
  9. Record stores
  10. Transistor radios
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only a movie said...

Kissing potion!! Muppet Show!! :-) I used to love roller skating in high school...

Janet said...

ahhh, transistor radios! They remind me of the beach :-) And my Dad getting ready for work in the mornings.